When I go to swap my exhaust system…


Might sound look a noob question I’m sure. When I go to swap my exhaust system (probably going with Akrapovic), do I need to do anything to my bike like having it tuned so it can run properly with the new headers and can?
Bike: FZ-07

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  1. You don’t have to but it’s recommended.

  2. People don’t always, but its better if you do

  3. Will it hinder anything mechanicaly on it? Do I need to invest into a power commander as well?

  4. It will run fine without a tune, but if you want to get all of the performance out of the new exhaust you’ll need a tune.

  5. I didn’t tune mine for a while and it was fine. I have a full akrapovic. However, when I did decide to tune it, I wish I would have done it way before. Totally worth it. I went through vcyclenut, and it was perfect

  6. If you have already or are thinking about putting in a high flow air filter along with the exhaust system, you would probably need to tune it.

  7. No it will all be fine if is the akrapovic system 🙂

  8. May want to change out your crush gaskets

  9. My fz07 actually lost power without a tune after installing my exhaust. I didn’t have planned \

  10. Like others have said, you don’t have to but your bike will run better if you do. I would recommend it

  11. Tune it! Tune it! Tune it! Or flash it lol

  12. Ran an Akra carbon for a few months without with zero issues. Having it tuned makes it run that much better. I’m also at altitude so it’s more noticeable up here.

  13. If you keep the db killer in you don’t need to do anything. But if you take it out and don’t tune it you need to run synthetic and hotter spark plugs

  14. Awesome, thanks everyone.

  15. Yes you do, anytime air and fuel mixtures are tampered.

  16. I installed the Akrapovic full titanium system this winter. You have the choice of running the baffle in or the baffle out. If you run with the baffle in it’ll only be slightly louder than stock and it will run okay without a tune. I chose to run with the baffle out and the first ride it was absolutely neutered, there was so much reduced power. Our bikes are one of the few to benefit from running the baffle out with a proper tune, however be advised it is stock-car loud. I recommend a flash tune from 2 Wheel Dyno Works. They had beyond excellent customer service and were very fast. My bike runs phenomenally now and you can feel the difference. If you choose to take the baffle out then shoot me a message and I can give you some tips because mine was a bit of a nightmare to remove.

  17. Yes. Totally needed.

  18. The AKRA Titanium is the ONLY aftermarket exhaust {with the baffle} IN… that does not REQUIRE a fuel controller. It will run just fine and Yamaha agrees. However if you remove the baffle from the Akra Titanium…you have altered the air-fuel ratio too much.,..and now you NEED a fuel controller..because it will run like shit…run hot and backfire really loud. Any other aftermarket exhaust really needs a fuel controller if you want it to run right. Some people don’t care if it runs right or not…and just want to show off making a lot of noise. The Akra Titanium full system is made to work properly with the baffle in. If you want to make noise and take the baffle out…then there was no sense buying an $800 exhaust system. Buy something else for half the price.

  19. You don’t need it if you use the Akrapovic Ti, but it’s recommended to do it some time in the future

  20. Depending how big the difference is, it could potentially damage your engine if you just swap it. Get it tuned asap after the swap. Like a few weeks without a tune shouldn’t hurt, but damage is possible longer term

  21. When u change your exhaust you actuall have to get my number n go to dinner

  22. You don’t need it with the akra ti but I would recommend it. I have that exhaust and a pc5 and the map I’m running doesn’t make a huge difference in fuel delivery.

  23. This bike needs a tune stock so hell yes you need to tune after exhaust

  24. Get the FT Tune ECU flash kit and do it yourself. Easy peasy. Jake the garden snake has a great install video on YouTube

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