When «E» starts to blink I can only fill 7-8 litres


Hi Tracer 900 buddies, I bought my Tracer in June last year. Love it and no doubt I’ve found my bike. But the fuel gauge is a disaster. When «E» starts to blink I can only fill 7-8 litres. This means it’s more than 10 litres left in the tank. I have to reset Trip1 every time I fill her up. The Yamaha dealer told me this is a wellknown problem with the Tracers due to the shape of the tank and the location of the sensor inside it. Not what I wanted to hear.. Others have the same «problem»?

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  1. Hello has nothing to do with your problem but … Could you tell me the brand of the top box is beautiful and minimalist thanks

  2. I’ve never filled up under 160 miles and I’ve never put in less than 12l. One day I’ll take a jerry can in the top box and see how much I REALLY get out of a tank!

  3. we had the same problem with the 2017 model, but after the first oil change maintenance it was gone

  4. Yeah mine stays full through about 100 miles then drops to half and slowly goes down. Usually 160/180 miles, I’ve not had the balls to see how far I can go on empty tho😳

  5. we can do by “normal” riding about 350+km on a full tank

  6. Very careful riding

  7. Wondering if riding steep down hill might trig the E flashing before it should.

  8. I usually manage to fill 14-15 litres after the E has started flashing.

  9. I would be more concerned about your mrs jumping in her car while running late for work?….

  10. I know when I first bought mine I had really shit mileage! Seemed to sort itself out after first service!

  11. No… he is talking bollox to get out of doing a warranty repair, as it’s a nightmare to remove/replace the tank..

  12. Mine shows full until round about 110 miles then drops in one hit to around just under half. It then slowly goes down.. I have let it go to about 180 miles then refuelled. 👍

  13. Ok, thx. I’ve only had the first service (1000 km). Next is 10.000 which will be August/September. Maybe then..

  14. I got like 4-5 liters left in the tank when gas light starts flash

  15. Always fill mine after 190 miles August 15 plate but gauge is a bit vague

  16. Going back to the days before fuel gauges on motorbikes were even thought of-1968- and no trip, I used to write the miles down, now that was a ball ache. Still reset the trip after all it takes all of a couple of seconds

  17. Thor, your Yamaha dealer is a lazy and untrustworthy dealer.. you need to find better.

  18. Probably, but they told me this is the info they gave got from HQ (in the Netherlands). \nSo – what can you do?

  19. Maybe Yamaha didn’t test the gauge below sea level?

  20. I set clock. I got 330km and it ran dry(outside a filling station)

  21. Just checking: You do know that the F trip automatically pops up and keeps track of distance since the low Fuel warning came on? My F-trip went to 44 km citydriving then it was out of gas. Fuel gauge gives something of a funny hint but the F-trip seems accurate.

  22. Not really a problem when you are aware of it, I know on average that I get 190-200 miles before I need to fill up, no different to any other bike or car that I have had before, but a bit worrying when you first get a new bike.

  23. What’s wrong with resetting the trip each fill up, there are two so not a problem. I have found that most bikes are pretty inaccurate due to the shape of the tank unless you would like a square one like a car!

  24. Agree, no «problem» resetting the trip every time. But then again what’s the point of having the fuel gauge at all when it has NO purpose?

  25. Mine has about 3 litres left when Empty comes up

  26. 2017-model, Kevin?

  27. Nope no such issue hear

  28. I can see one of two problems here, one could be refuelling.
    If you put the nozzle in the filler all the way and stop fuelling when the pump shuts off, then you are not filling the tank.
    As others have said when the gauge starts to flash, you ought to have just under 3l remaining.
    I have read of one case where the gauge calibration was totally out, the rider was only doing less than 100 miles (~160 kms) before the indication was he was nearly out of fuel, in fact the tank was still half full. In his case it got sorted at a service, the dealer reset the fuel gauge – I believe in the ECU.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with the shape, that just makes it a bit harder to really get it full

  29. Thanks, Steve. I will test this soon. Probably drive it empty (carrying 3 l. fuel in my jerrycan) and then see how much I can fill it up. Maybe this \

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