what’s your thoughts on the ‘Indian oil?


Oils… Oils…. what’s your thoughts on the ‘Indian oil? Is it really specially formulated, or is it just a cheap and nasty rip off? Does anyone have any other suggestions on brands they completely trust with there Indian?

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  1. Nooooooooooooop! Don’t go there please!

  2. It’s great as a marinade for steaks…works ok for fish too…

  3. I use Amsoil and filter for the Thunderstroke 111. It really runs cooler and don’t tick as bad. The correct bottle has A photo of the 111 on it. Cheers!

  4. Run whatever oil you want, as long as it meets the required specs. Pretty simple. Document your services and save your receipts for warranty purposes and you are all set.

  5. OK, I’m going to end this debate. Use only ? % pure virgin olive oil. There we be an abundance now the Hugh Hefner has passed.

  6. I’m new to the Indians, and just bought a chieftain. I ran rotella t6 in my vtx 1800. Does anyone use t6 in the indians?

  7. I use Rotella in my Diesels!

  8. The Indian Semi Synthetic is good oil. I had an analysis done on my last change and the results were fine. I put Amsoil 20w-40 in and immediately noticed cleaner shifts and the occasional hard 1-2 shift is gone. I’m staying with Amsoil.

  9. used the Indian oil for 30K and in extremely hot temps along the border and no problems. But I believe Amsoil to be a better oil as it is fully synthetic and has better attributes. If you prefer the Indian oil you won’t go wrong. Case of one being a little better than the other.

  10. Of course it is specially formulated! Just how common is a 20w-40 semi-synthetic oil? Or a 15w-60 fully synthetic oil? Relatively rear, indeed.??

  11. Schaefer Synthetic. Damn good stuff!

  12. End of conversation. Meets and exceeds Indian Standards. $8.50/at if you can figure it out.

  13. I use a 50/50 blend of Bakken and DJ basin crude oil. The DJ crude contains enough parafin for high temperature operation

  14. Select a JASO MA or MA1 or MA2 rated oil in the range you desire from the chart below. There is considerable overlap with 20w-40.

  15. Might have well just asked about political, religious or sexual preferences, because it would have been an easier consensus.

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