What’s your take on rebuilds or freshen ups?


Hi AHE: DBM people,
I got a 06 525 exc. Serviced every 5 hours. Got 51 hours on it now, valve clearences done at 46 hours I use it to fetch the milk and get away for some alone time on the road or tracks and teaching my boys and nephews some basics.
What’s your take on rebuilds or freshen ups?
At what hours do you do it?
Use all oem parts or do you go for aftermarket parts? If aftermarket who is the best place in oz to get all ya Ktm parts?

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  1. hi Garth hope u don't mind if I follow this post. Got 04 525 exc.
    delete if you like.

  2. Dont even think about a rebuild yet.the end!

  3. All good Dean this is the sort of stuff i hope this page will be good for. Just cos we ride bikes doesn't mean know all about em. Im sure an xr 400 will be different to a ktm 525 .

  4. Thanks Garth mines got 8200ks on it.

  5. The RFS motors in those are pretty solid and reliable, alot more so than the later models, but like anything if its looked after it will last along time. Just ride it as you are and worry about it when i shows signs of valve issues,worn rings etx

  6. When it starts blowing blow smoke ect and using oil then think about rebuild mate

  7. I had a 06 had over 9000ks and was sweet kept up easy with a 2011 model.

  8. It's barely run in.

  9. I didn't ask if i should rebuild it! I asked when, what hours what parts, oem or aftermarket. I just asked a general question seeking general information.

  10. Rebuild it when ever you want. Its up to you when doin that as people rebuild them at 100hours some at 150 200 etc. Everyone will tell you different. And parts id go genuine tbh.

  11. Depends how it's ridden mate. For such low hours over 10 years… I guess…
    Check valve clearance every 50hr
    Think about a piston 100-200hrs
    Bottom end… How long is a piece of string 100- 300hrs.
    Keep bearings greased – every 25hrs
    Fork oil 25-50hrs
    Shock 50-75hrs
    Should last you another 20 years…

  12. When i had my 04 525exc i used to change oil and filters every 1000kms, tops 1500 at most on big trips to cape york. Valve clearances every 5000kms and air filter regularly as needed. The whole time i had it she went like a dream. I had the engine rebuilt at 26000kms as the top end went on it. They are a very strong motor. I didn't baby it by any means and my usual big ride loops were around the 4-500km distance.

  13. Depending on the use, these RFS engines generally need rings and inlet valves at 5-10,000km's.

    Then in another 5-10,000km's it'll need piston kit, intake & exhaust valves, timing chain, cam bearings and possibly a clutch.

    Why are you servicing it every 5hrs? That's overkill. The manual suggests 15hr intervals. I think you're wasting your money.

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