What’s your Cadence sweet spot?


What’s your Cadence sweet spot? Mines 80-85 but I also have really long legs.

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  1. Mine is even less….75

  2. 90-95 but I've short legs!

  3. 90 – 100..I have 165mm cranks

  4. 81-85…. Strangely enough my run cadence is this as well! I think all this talk about trying to get a higher cadence is nonsense! I tried to train myself to do it for a couple of months but it never felt natural!!

  5. About the same as you, 85 to 90 RPM

  6. maybe 60,… but I am old and not in a hurry to go anywhere…

  7. When drafting,70-75, when leading, 85 and above.

  8. 85-95, depending on terrain.

  9. I naturally pedal 84-85; am trying to get it closer to 90

  10. 90+ A real spinner. 😀

  11. 88 with a 32 inseam and 172.5 mm cranks

  12. I have a 37" inseam. I used to turn my 180mm cranks around 90-110, but high forces burned out my legs quick. I recently switched to 200mm cranks which I turn typically between 80-95. Suddenly I can hammer for hours and my legs feel great. Speed is up about 20%. I can feel the power really kick in big time as I get above 83rpm.

  13. Not sure how long my cranks are, gonna have to check.

  14. Naturally 78 but when I'm going for speed 88

  15. Christopher, I watched a video from GCN a while back. It was predominantly about crank arm length, but it touched on cadence too.
    Everybody has their own path, they found some long limbed riders with shorter cranks than the less vertically challenged competitors, & the same with cadence.
    The I believe the more muscular the rider the slower the cadence was the general finding.
    Myself it's between 80-90.

  16. Christopher, check out this page. Kirby Palm is a real character, but his page on crank length is spot-on. It was the first place that actually led me to question going to a custom crank length.


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