What’s the difference between synthetic oil and racing synthetic?


Hello guys I have question, What’s the difference between synthetic oil and racing synthetic. thank you all. Ride safe!

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  1. Other then that

  2. I have two bottles of regular synthetic and one of racing is it okay if I mix them?

    • Depends how much you change your oil? I wouldn’t have a issue with once in a blue moon mixing oils, but I change my oil all the time. The bike is track/race duty, so fresh fluids are important to me. I have know guys that don’t change anything and they don’t have issues yet they also don’t seem held up by old brake fluid as the fly by me.

    • Change it every 3-5k depending on how hard I ride it , on top of all the fluid changes, coolant, brake etc, usually do it all in one go so when I do oil I’ll change brake and and a coolant flush with distilled water then put new coolant

    • I wouldn’t have an issue, then again I just mixed to brand oils in my truck.

  3. It’s ok it mix oils as long as they are both the same type. Ie synthetic with synthetic, mineral with mineral.

  4. If you believed that to be true why do they sell synthetic blends?

  5. As in semi synthetic? They probably contain anti separating properties that full mineral or full synthetic dont.

  6. you’re a special kind of stupid

  7. I ended up mixing it, it’s 2 quarts full synthetic and 1 quart racing fill synthetic, it’ll be switched out in 3k km’s (1900 miles) anyway but figure since they’re both full synthetic and mostly street oil it shouldn’t be too bad, fingers crossed

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