Whats the best paint for engines ?


Whats the best paint for engines ?

John Rak:

PJ1 Fast Black is brilliant if you use it correctly. Proper preparation is the key. It may not be the cheapest option, but PJ1 is easy to use, gives a perfect finish and is very durable….. if you prepare properly and apply it correctly. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

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  1. paint peels. Stove Enamel has more hardness. Sorry, I am drunk. I have synapsis but I am quite happily drunk right now.

  2. stove enamel can cope with the heat from the engine better.

  3. Engine paint

  4. actually…HEAT PAINT…use the stuff for allsorts.

  5. die happily in a swamp guys

  6. #lifeislikeaboxofchocolateengines

  7. PJ1 from my experience has been crap. VHT from Halfords/auto store have all been crap too. I did use those on my exhaust though. Haven’t painted my engine yet as I’m still looking for decent stuff

  8. Grill paint…it is pretty good.used it a bunch..but only flat black

  9. CIL. Cheap, and they will mix in any colour. Home Depot sells it by the gal!

  10. Simonize satin black

  11. Engine paint? In my hands this would be a disaster

  12. If you get fuel spilled on VHT or heatpaints it will damage the paint. I’ve heard that you could paint the engine with normal 2K paint also?

  13. I’ve had fuel all over the the cases after a float bowl leak. I used VHT and it still looks great. I painted my engine over a year ago. As long as you follow the guidelines around baking the paint you should be fine.

  14. Try basecoat & lacquer, from any bodyshop supplier, make sure you use etch primer. Spray on basecoat, (whichever colour) then two coats of a good clearcoat like Global 50. If you don’t want a gloss finish, ask for a matting agent for the clearcoat, some sell pre-mixed, 0 to 75% will range from Satin finish to a matt finish.

  15. The right one for high temp

  16. Blackboard paint

  17. I use hamerite

  18. VHT flameproof it ranges from 1,300F-2,000F

  19. I used el cheapo black spray from my local automotive supplier two years later its still on the engine.

  20. Pj1 is the bollox!!!!

  21. couldnt find any pj1 in the shops , so i’ve ended up with the simoniz… hope iot works.

  22. Yeah, the Simoniz is good stuff too.

  23. Old fashioned solution. Zebrite. It’s a black paste used for fire grates. Just rub it in and polish. Comes up a silvery black. I’ve used it on Kwak pipes successfully.

  24. Blue for Thomas, Red for James, Murdoch and Molly are Yellow, Henry Duck and Daisy are green……I’ve misinterpreted the ? haven’t Ij

  25. Pj1 fast black good stuff

  26. road slime, bug juice and engine oil, sticks like shit to a blanket 😀

  27. I would use petrol

  28. Not all engine paint is the same. I’ve tried many and this by far is the best. Closest thing to fuel proof you will find in a rattle can. Pricey but worth it.

  29. Crome colour is the best best colour

  30. rustoleum grill paint

  31. Barbecue paint

  32. Plastikote BBQ and stove paint

  33. This is another great engine paint

  34. the simoniz failed badly and wrinkled instantly in the presence of petrol.

  35. halfords enamel ht paint in can mixed 5050 with spraying thinner sprayed through gun

  36. Don’t paint it polish it!

  37. have u tryed to polish a turd

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