What’s good to remove scratches and dullness from windshield?


Hello guys, I need little help. What’s good to remove scratches and dullness from windshield? Thank you all for answers.

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  1. Plastic or glass

  2. Need to polish it

  3. Been using this but don’t seem to work very well. Have tried a few more brands.

  4. From my experiences I found it best to remove it and wear a nice set of goggles with a “roll off” system. Works awesome. Otherwise I would only use the windshield in the winter for protection from the winter blasts. Windshields are too expensive and get destroyed too easily.

  5. I used this on headlights , the dash plastic and works good.

  6. Plexus for light scratches.

  7. You should only clean it with a soft cloth, never paper towel. Use lemon pledge, then it won’t scratch except for hitting branches and the like.

  8. I always use very wet wipes and bottled water when out on trail. Never no pressure when wiping it. Mine looks like new yet at almost 2 Years old.

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