What’s a lot of miles for a bike ?


Hello everyone, what’s a lot of miles for a bike ?

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  1. Personally, I’d say over 35k.

  2. Geez, you should ride your bike more often..

  3. Depends on how you take care of them. Like everything, parts wear and parts tear. There was a topic on this on another forum and people were posting 100k plus, one even posted his pic of the odometer reading 157k, but then again most people don’t keep their bikes for that long either.

  4. It depends on if you put them on a 1/4 mile at a time!

  5. Everybstreet bike I’ve had I sold around 12k miles. Not going valves

  6. Mines at 38k km and runs like a dream, bikes will last if you take care of them and service them often enough

  7. Mines 32k and runs like a new one

  8. Depends on the upkeep. If a person services the bike on scheduled services and replaces parts that need replaced then the bike should run for a long time.

  9. Bought my 2011 with 1955 in January 2014 todayhas 18k+

  10. Depends how much u ride. My 1krr is at 50k miles with zero issues. Valves still on spec. Compression has no loss. Hondas will run forever if you follow maintenance schedule. That’s the key

  11. I’ve never seen a high mileage cbr1000 I currently have 15,500 and I’m geared -1 in front. I’ve seen 600rr’s with 92,000

  12. I have 46,650 on my 07 cbr1k runs like a top also I have 46k on original clutch too

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