What your tachometer reads at 80mph on a flat road?


I’m curious what your tachometer reads at 80mph on a flat road? Motorcycle:Kawasaki Versys 650 Club

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  1. When dash says 87, GPS says 80 on my 08

  2. About 6500 rpm

  3. On my ’16, it’s right at 6,000

  4. Whoops read it wrong. Just a heads up there’s a decent amount of speedo error, so it’s probably higher than you think at gps verified speed.

  5. Somewhere between 6-65. I think. I don’t know. I try not to take my eyes off the road. (2015)

  6. mine says 80, gps says 75

  7. 6000 rpm on my 2016

  8. Between 6000-6500 on 2009 (gen1)

  9. The GPS indicates 133kph while the speedo shows 130kph. This is with the 16 tooth counter shaft sprocket mod.

  10. The op was asking what rpm the engine is turning at 80mph not how accurate the speedo is

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