What you risk when you do wheelies in your city?


What you risk when you do wheelies in your city? Here in Quebec it’s 1500$ and we loss some points on our driver’s license … And you? especially in Florida ??

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  1. First offense in FL is $1,000. This is why a lot do not stop for law enforcement

  2. Cheaper not to stop

  3. My risk is falling other than that I’m always getting flagged down by some guys with lights I never stopped to ask what they want though

  4. Despite wheelies out of every light and cops on every corner, I’ve never been stopped

  5. Not positive but I would guess in Ontario it would be stunting. Up to 10thou fine roadside suspension and 7 day impound.same as getting caught doing 50km over or racing. Don’t get caught.

  6. I think its disorderly conduct of a motor vehicle in Wisconsin, $400 fine.

  7. 30 day impound, 6 month licence loss and a session in court to decide your fine and possible further suspension.

  8. Here is aus a wheelie is classed as \

  9. About 190-210 dollars. And a raise of the insurance rates

  10. I’m in Mississippi too

  11. Warwick Smith in NSW depends how much the cop wants to rape you. I got a fine for ‘negligent riding’ which is like 450 and 3 demerit points. But a guy I know got \

  12. I got a careless driving ticket lol. But it was driver due care. So it basically means not paying attention or something. But it was like $75 if I’m not mistaken

  13. Alabama, United States- Depends on traffic conditions but minimum would be wreckless driving which is around a $250 fine and points then possible suspension at court date. Max would wreckless endangerment not sure what fine would be but impoundment is on the table and mandatory licenses suspention.

  14. 10,000 fee here in Texas if caught for reckless driving .. so I heard in a class I took to avoid paying fees for a ticket lol

  15. Wow. I guess so far we’ve been pretty lucky ????

  16. Please don’t fool around on public roads. For that kind of stuff, you should go to a private track or other private facility.

  17. Our stunting tickets are just shy of $500 iirc. And 6 points on our licence which bumps up insurance quite a bit. If it’s a really dumb spot to wheelie it’s a $700 ish dollar ticket and even more points and is a careless driving.\n\nThat being said where I live traffic lawers are magical.

  18. On public streets it’s considered wreckless driving in Wisconsin which is a misdemeanor, about 400 dollars, and 6 points\nHowever in Illinois you get an actual wheelie ticket for like 120 dollars and doesn’t affect your licence but gets worse after first offences tho\n\nFor me I just stick to backroads I’ve been stopped maybe 3 times in the last 2 years and let off with verbal warning because I’m by myself surrounded by corn\n\nNote I live on the Wi/ill border

  19. Shot on site! I’m pretty sure Tim Hollis wears a bulletproof vest!????☠️

  20. In Singapore is go to jail for a few mths & bye bye to all your driving license.

  21. In Lao where I live nothing at all 🙂

  22. Big ass fine, and you need a new drivers license which also costs a ton!

  23. Cost me about 5 minutes for the cop to say \

  24. Germany most Times nothing Sometimes 50€\nIf you don’t Put anybody in Direct danger

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