What you guys think?


What you guys think?

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  1. A buddy has one they are a really nice ride especially if you get the RG model.

  2. Looks a heck of a lot like a wildcat

  3. That used to be arctic cat

  4. I''ve got one. Personally I''d skip it & go straight to a turbo model. Textron/ Arctic Cat parts availability sucks!! I''ve owned many Arctic Cat sleds back in the day but imo they are trailing behind the competition. I like the machine but for the price if I were to do it again I''d pass..

  5. I was looking at them at the store and they seem beefy

  6. So at 177 a month is that a 10 year payment?

  7. Yea its just like a wildcat xx it has a 3 cylinder yamaha engine seems to be a pretty good machine

  8. Yamaha built engine same as yxz with a articcat belt drive the tracker comes plain and you add what you want the artic cat comes in different trim levels with set accessories

  9. All it is is a wildcat.

  10. Bass pro bought the artic cat brand

  11. I think bass pro bought the textron/artic cat company. I could be wrong

  12. All these brothers and sisters brands are getting to much sex each other's having those machines as results from incest

  13. $17,999 on their website.

  14. Yes, Textron rebranded the Wildcat XX to something people are more familiar with….

  15. That''s nice but identical to a wildcat xx, didn''t know tracker made anything like this

  16. interesting

  17. just a rocket

  18. like the others said thats a rebranded wildcat.. ive heard good things about em and seen quite a but out ridin

  19. Yup. That''s a Wildcat XX. Best riding pure sport out there

  20. I believe that's a restickerd wildcat

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