What year(s) did KTM stop manufacturing two strokes?


Ok, here is a naive kinda newbie question for the most savvy of KTM enthusiast. What year(s) did KTM stop manufacturing two strokes and change fully to four strokes? What models were they? Ideally, I’d love to have both a two stroke and a four stroke to chose from, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to even know where/when to stark looking. Any help is greatly appreciated. Again, thank you . P.s…. I already have my
Project bike.1987 MX250, but I’m looking for one of their newer 2 strokes as well. Once again, thank you for any input what so ever

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  1. Thank you for the approval

  2. KTM never stopped making 2 strokes!!

  3. They still make 2 strokes!\nGo buy yourself a 300! 2 stroke power and revs, with 4stroke low down torque\nBest bike ever! EEspecially the newer models (2015 onward with PDS suspension) But it does tend to stretch your arms a bit, better hold on!

  4. Hi Kherman Heith firstly welcome to the #KTMFANATICS group and family. KTM still make 2T motors. What part of the world are you from?

  5. I guess Venus …..

  6. They just stopped making monster 2 smokes

  7. Guys we need to remember that in some countries 2T are not so famous

  8. He’s in California

  9. Big-bore, open-class two-strokes are the only bikes they stopped making.

  10. 2T has been illegal in California for a long time now. So maybe not such a silly question from a self confessed newby. Yes i know he could have googled first 😆 but that’s what we are here for. Welcome to the ktm family.

  11. don’t quote me, but i’ve heard the TPI emissions are less than a 4T..

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