What would velocity stacks do for my 09 R1?


Question what would velocity stacks do for my 09 R1? I have leo vince exhaust -1 tooth front sprocket, pcv brake lines. I wanna get a tune from Nick not sure what else to do to get more power. Let me know what you guy's think.

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  1. You will get more midrange and top end horsepower. Not much will change down low. Stacks are worth it if you have the money

  2. Don’t forget your dannos quick shifter! Lol not more power but you’ll definitely be faster…

  3. Oh I have a bmc race filter. What’s a good brand of the stacks to use that won’t break the bank? I also have the mid pipe removed as well

  4. Sorry to jack you post, but I saw some stack for sale but they weren’t a set, meaning both the high and the lower. Do I need to replace all the stacks to get a good increase?

  5. If using stacks a send away ecu flash won’t really do it. You’ll need to dyno tune the ECU or get a PC, it’s really better to run everything from a properly dialled in ECU though

  6. Factory pro s

  7. How do you like your -1 in the front. Is there much of a difference?

  8. A lot of difference. Been running -1 for 2 yr now

  9. How much higher rpm on highway? 75+ cruising speed?

  10. About 10 u0025 so not noticable. Only issue is speedo reads 10 u0025 higher .

  11. Send that ecu back to be flashed for the gear and your speedo will be fine…

  12. -1 makes a very noticeable difference in how hard the bike pulls. Like Phil said the speedo will be even worse with the sprocket, but the flash will fix that

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