what would be a safe/max rpm to unlock to?


So everyone who knows the z1000 engine! I’m taking it to a custom tune shop next week. My exhaust and intake are finally done. So my question to everyone is, with his tune, what would be a safe/max rpm to unlock to? What not to rev past?

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  1. I'd leave it, one thing I'd check to see if it's a spark or fuel cut rev limiter. If a fuel switch it to spark.

  2. Myself I'd leave the rev limiter as is.

  3. Ask your custom shop. How do we know?

  4. You could call wholesaleatv.com and send them your ecu and have them remap it and change some things, think it costs like 100 bucks.

  5. Personally I think if you haven't made any valve train modifications or beefed up your internals your factory rev limiter setting is the max. It is set there because that's where highly paid product engineers have determined is a safe place to run that engine without risking damage or shortening engine life. If it could rev higher safely and reliability they would have it set higher. You have to think about the rpm failure point of things like valve springs, crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings, clutches, etc. Remember, there is nothing between you and some very fast moving components but a little bit of aluminum and some plastic

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