What were the first few things you did to your FZ


What would you all say is the best money you’ve spent on an accessory or mod for your FZ? What were the first few things you did to your bike?

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  1. Heated grips, bar end mirrors Obvious stuff like exhaust, intake, flash

  2. I was dumb and maxed out one of my credit cards and did everything at once!!

  3. Akra exhaust, rear sets, better brake and clutch levers and touring windscreen.

  4. First thing was trashed that stock exhaust

  5. Suspension was the first thing

  6. Best money spent was rear shock

  7. Best mod for me – frame slider

  8. Put protection on your bike, as a cage or sliders front to back including bar ends. Work your way up from there. Do as you can and as you want. Just love your bike as your Dollars will allow and as time allows.

  9. Modifications should only come as skills advances and not to go broke. If you are a bad Ass Rider then you know what is.

  10. Best mod: rider training, second: set up suspension for rider weight and type of riding.

  11. My background is alot of dirt and desert out here in Nevada haha so being on a strictly street machine is foreign at the moment

  12. Best money spent was on the suspension

  13. Woodcraft clip on totaly change the

  14. The FZ dont need much IMO,lights ,mirrors and a seat and I am done

  15. Seat and flash

  16. Full Akrapovic stainless steel Carbon fiber pipe. Then usb port. Then Corbin seat.

  17. Hurricane bars and m4 exhaust. By far my favorite

  18. Where to begin?! This bike just begs to modded. I have a 17 and the first thing I did was get rid of the horrendous fender with a yoshi relocation kit. Setting up suspension properly for weight was next after a few hundred miles, which isn’t a mod but is very important. The bike came from the dealer with the softest preload settings and the front end dive made it extremely awkward to ride, it was night and day after doing the suspension. \n\nI got the bug and spent about 2500 in upgrades in less than a year since I brought it home. It’s all worth it. Get an exhaust, flash, and block off plates then go from there. The only things left for season 2 for me are t-rex slider kit, Corbin seat, and quickshifter

  19. Where do everyone get their flashes done ??

  20. Suspension, always suspension first! Every bike I own has gotten its suspension done and I have always marveled at the difference in the bike. I guarantee I can put my bike back to bone stock but leave the suspension, and be faster around a track then all the other mods combined.

  21. My first was a windscreen.

  22. Protapers 🙌🏼 thats all ive done

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