What to clean bike with that doesn’t damage paint?


What to clean chrome with and what to clean bike with that doesn’t damage paint?

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  1. Tin foil or 0000 steel wool on chrome.

  2. how about a little soap.and water and glass cleaner on chrome

  3. A good spray on/wipe off cleaner but make sure it’s for whatever paint you have-gloss or flat

  4. Amonia free glass cleaner.

  5. Lucas Oil Slick Mist Speed Wax from Walmart under 10 bucks works on paint and chrome, works great!!

  6. Blue magic polish for the chrome.

  7. On paint, any soap made for vehicles, with water. On chrome, my favorite is Never Dull. If Never Dull can t get something off the chrome, I use Turtle Wax Chrome Cleaner. I’ve tried everything for chrome, and there are my go-to choices.

  8. Windex on chrome all the bike shops use it

  9. BugSlide…..just spray on and wipe off…makes the chrome shine nicely….

  10. I use Solvol Autosol. Rub it on and wipe it off.

  11. To remove light scratches I use aluminum foil and water. Keep the area damp as you rub in small circular motion with a wad of aluminum foil. A black pasty substance will appear. Wipe with a clean rag.

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