What tire pressure do you guys run on a trailer?


Trailer question:
What tire pressure do you guys run on a trailer?
We are not filling our trailer up to much so there won’t be a lot of weight. Empty it is bouncing around.

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  1. Check the tire for recommended psi. If I remember correctly it is close to 100 psi for those tires.

  2. In ALL the motorcycle storage trailers I have owned I NEVER run more than 22 psi loaded and 14-16 psi empty depending on the tare of the empty trailer. The tyres might be capable of handling high pressure but that doesn’t mean you need it. \nYour trailer is very light when empty. You can get technical and check amount of tread on the road by walking it through water and checking the tread pattern and measuring the tread width….. but seriously…….just use as above and you will be fine.

  3. This is what I found on etrailer.com, from an expert.\n\nWhat Tire Pressure Is Recommended On 4.80/4.00-8 Load Range C Trailer Tire For Highway Speeds\n\nQuestion:\nI just bought this boat and trailer 14 alum Grumman / galv trailer Tires are 4.80-4.00-8 K371-006 Max rating 90 psi 745 lbs What tire pressure should I run for highway driving? 90 psi seems like a lot. Thanks!!\nasked by: Greg\nExpert Reply:\nThe tires should be inflated to 90 psi on the highway as well as other roads, regardless of load size. The problem is that under inflating a trailer tire will lead to degradation of the tire. \n\nOn trailer tires, the side walls are thicker than on car tires so they can handle more vertical load. An under inflated tire side wall will heat up more often and quicker and will lead to early wear and possible failure of the tire. The best thing to do is to follow the rating on the tires and inflate them to the maximum recommended psi. Also, trailer tires are speed rated for 65 miles per hour maximum.\n\nI hope this helps. This is the tires I use on my trailer.

  4. Here’s another possiblity. If your trailer has leaf springs,multiple each side you can soften up the ride stiffness by removing a leaf from each side. I did this on a similar setup and it helped a lot.

  5. OK we are back from our trip with 844 miles under our belt. Trailer Tires at 30 psi did great. We rode about 300+ miles highway speeds getting up to 80 mph and the trailer went great! We did notice a clanking sound at low speeds and I think that might be the trailer springs at the rear that only captured by a bolt. I may get some heavy rubber and place it between the frame and leaf spring to dampen the sound. We did have it pretty loaded on the way home with extra goodies. Bike shocks at about 20 psi (new pump was in the mail box when I got home) and damping at III. With that bike ride great. At 75-80 mph, overdrive on the hills was tough so I did to down shift sometimes.

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