What this hose is? (CF MOTO)


New owner. Can anyone tell me what this hose is?

What this hose is? (CF MOTO)

What this hose is? (CF MOTO)

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  1. No idea, but cool sticker!

  2. Es la descarga de la bomba de agua. Por esa manguera descarga el quido que no pudo retener el sello

  3. Think it’s the water pump

  4. Does the hose go to radiator

  5. It is a drain tube for the water pump. If the seal seeps a bit of coolant it comes out that tube. It just loops up and does not hook to anything. There should be a clip that wraps around it to hold it

  6. Anti freeze/water pump weep hose

  7. Weap hole for the water pump. If antifreeze leaks out get the seals replaced under warranty.

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