what point do you get concerned about thyroid nodules?


At what point do you get concerned about thyroid nodules?

I had a PT in Jan of last year for a benign nodule that was causing a lot of pain. 7? Months later and a lump popped up in the front of my throat- I have posted pictures before..

I had an ultrasound done before Christmas, and the nurse called and said it wasn’t dangerous, but had no idea what the lump was. So today I went and got a copy of the report and read I now have 5 nodules. Some cystic and some solid. But all under 1cm- is that why they don’t show concern, is it because the size? The one is front(solid) is the one that popped up over night and hurts! They recommended a follow up in 6 months… I guess I’m just worried they might be missing something. I do have Hashimoto’s and my tsh levels are good. Just a lot of questions in my head:(

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  1. I certainly don't want to cause you concern, but stay on top of it. I saw my nodules in the mirror on my left side seven years before being diagnosed with papillary cancer. Had ultrasound when first discovered and they recommended following up on ultrasound every six months due to over 90 percent are benign and they were under that magic one cm. everyone thought I was overly concerned so I let it go.. Jump ahead seven years later, they are bigger, voice was hoarse, fine needle biopsy, papillary cancer, TT, and they found more on both sides and isthmus. Considered encapsulated and no spread. Very lucky! No RAI. Wonderful ending and healthy! So, trust yourself. Now, I am not a worrier and thyroid cancer is not in my family, so It is easy to make assumptions that all was well, but I wish I had been more assertive and proactive in my care.

  2. I have to add I believe papillary is slow growing but could be wrong.

  3. Your not making me worry anymore than I already am, lol. I came here for everyones opinions, and really appreciate you sharing your story!! My gut tells me to stay on it, and I will. I am so sorry you had to go through that wait!

  4. Have you tried selenium to try and shrink them? Gluten and soy free help too

  5. No I haven't heard of that.. And I'm trying so hard to ease of the gluten.. But it is sooo hard when you have a love for bread, lol.

  6. Thanks Kathy! Good read:)

  7. I had multiple nodules, and the largest was just under 1 cm on annual ultrasound for 4 years. Within about six months, it was suddenly 50% larger. They biopsied it and did a TT a week later. I had cancer in the largest nodule, the thyroid, and a lymph node. In that 6 months, barely a week went by that I wasn't sick. Stomach bugs, flus, sinus infections…

    I talked to my docs, had lots of bloodwork, and was working on getting in with an immunologist. I knew something was wrong. I wish I would have listened to my body sooner and been more aggressive with my doctors.

  8. I hate that it seems like you have to wait till they turn into something. I haven't been sick, just feel like I'm sick all the time. It's not fun!

  9. I have 8 nodules over 1cm. Only found out in November when I saw a goitre in the mirror. 2 were biopsied and were ok. The whole kit and caboodle comes out tomorrow along with a parathyroidectomy. I am not choosing to wait and have regular biopsies.

  10. I feel like Sue- I have 6 nodules. Due to the condition of my neck, it worries me as so degenerative. I can't have my head back for those biopsies yr after yr. The hospital alone was $6,000 not that I paid that nor insurance but it adds up over and over again. Last one hurt too. My neck was sore awhile after too.

  11. Oh btw my last biopsy was the largest on the right side and then a cyst on the left. One dr wanted the other side down, the 2nd dr added the other side which showed a cyst. Even those ultrasounds are a pain to me.

  12. Jeanne Stanley, when I had my pre-admission visit on Monday they told me that the op should take less than 2 hours which is much shorter than I thought. A bit rugged on the neck still.

  13. I don't want to wait either. But at this point I don't have a choice. I don't have insurance.. But have an appointment at VCU to see a electrophysiologist in April due to heart issues. I'm praying that from there I can see someone about these nodules:) fingers crossed!!

  14. Yeah a surgeon told me 2hrs. I could get robotic but Insurance won't pay for that.

  15. My PT was only a couple of hours and they did bladder surgery that day too:) Luckily the hospitals charity care paid for most of that!

  16. My thyroid works… all fine… the radiologist said "don't do it" The dr was not so keen on him telling me that. My sister had hers out yrs ago -no problems. She had her hysterectomy before me too-no problems. I ended up with hot flashes and used hormone replacement for yrs.

  17. Oh another thing-radiologist said usually when multiple nodules there is no cancer. hmmm He said unless you have trouble swallowing or symptoms-don't…

  18. What did they do on your bladder? WhenI had my hysterectomy, they put in a TVT sling. That is poking thru some so not good at all.

  19. My thyroid works too.. I do believe its my Hashimoto's that doing it. No trouble swallowing, not like before my PT. it just hurts:(

  20. I have IC, can't seem to spell tonight sorry. its intersistal cystitis… Every couple of years they go in and check for cancer because of my high blood counts, then they rinse it out and blow it back up, lol. Routine for me so I knew it wouldn't be an issue. I've also had a hysterectomy.. And before that had talked about building a hammock in my abdomen to bring my bladder back up- but I didn't feel like it was the right choice for me at the time. Now I see all the commercials and I feel like I made the right decision. Is that what a TVT sling is?

  21. yes, they use a pc to support the bladder. It is like a sling, they thread the material from one end to the other underneath. It heals into the bladder. I had stitches a few yrs back start coming out inside and had to go back in surgery to remove the one that was hanging they could not get. I think the dr stitched me back up some too. This was like 5-6 yrs after the hysterectomy.

  22. Well that's no fun is it something they can fix? Hope you don't have to go through too many more surgeries to get it right!!

  23. If the sling becomes a problem I am in for it… they are hard to remove. I am supposed to be using estrogen cream but negligent.

  24. I'm sorry you have to go through all that! And use your cream;) haha- I am bad too sometimes about doing what really needs to be done but in the long run you might kick yourself in the butt for not doing it!!:)

  25. I hate it when they rely solely upon the ultrasound. You need a biopsy done on the solid ones. My first endo insisted mine were nothing sinister and said the sonographer had a nose for these things. I saw a different one, he ordered a biopsy, they whisked me in for a PT, turns out I had follicular papillary thyroid cancer in both sides of my thyroid and it had spread down through central lymph nodes. Tell them you want a biopsy, it's the only way to be sure xx

  26. That's how I feel Jenny- that an ultrasound isn't enough.

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