What panniers should I get?


Hi guys, I need some help.

I traded in my tiger explorer for a brand spanking new 1200 gs adventure, but as the bike put a serious dent in my budget I opted to not buy the BMW panniers, but as I keep seeing all the beautiful pictures from everyone I'm really longing for a ride…

But what panniers should I get? I will be riding with my wife ( at least I hope so) so a top box with a cushy back rest for the passenger is a plus.

Also looking forward to do some off road riding, so hard panniers is a must

Any recommendations?

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  1. Sorry for off-the -topic question…any reasons in swapping Triumph Tiger Explorer for BMW GSA, eh?

  2. Forgot to mention that it’s a 2016 GSA, so the rack system for the BMW is already mounted, it would be sweet if the panniers worked with the standard mounts =)

  3. BMW pannier cases are in fact made by Touratech for BMW! The cost is comparable with different makes.

  4. Regarding the switch of bike, I never really found the tiger comfortable, the suspension is way too hard for me, and I’m missing some of the gadgets from BMW, like the ESA, different settings for the throttle response, dual breaking…

  5. Get the Touratech panniers, I have really tested them and they are durable

  6. Get the BMW/Touratech panniers

  7. Touratech makes the metal BMW panniers.

  8. Try SW-Motech. Traxx alu panniers..Good quality for the money

  9. I put the Givi outtrekker on mine and chose the 58 ltr top box for the reason you have suggested to provide a level of comfort for the missus. Bonus is it holds two helmets but you do have to put up with the pizza delivery jokes!!

  10. Wolfman soft bags, can’t say enough good things about them

  11. Just get the BMW cases keyed to the same key as your bike and be done with it.

  12. Great service, quality handmade product and reasonable price from http://ardcases.co.uk

  13. Look at bmw shop online. Much cheaper than dealer price

  14. I was in the very same situation-get the BMW metal paniers! It hurts your budget, but it’s worth it and will give you looong pleasure!

  15. I got the SW-Motech, Trax Evo Alu panniers. But they need different quick lock mount system.

  16. +1 for the BMW panniers. Very easy to mount and dismount!

  17. Wunderlich makes awesome panniers.

  18. I’d say try without panniers ! ( I don’t know how it factors where you reside in Sweden Joacqim but in the U.K. , for example, traffic is so vile you’ll need the ability to filter every day ) Lane Splitting for the Americans ! The handlebars are wide , and not having to be anxious about panniers on the back of the bike makes it so much more nimble in traffic .

    ps we also enjoyed watching the Philly Flyers when in PHL !

  19. Hepco Becker all the way. Here is my GS with HB boxes after 100,000kms around the world and still going strong! Note that more than 80k kms were riding2up with my wife.

  20. I’ve got to say that After having the Tiger explorer and their luggage system before and now having the Gs the BMW boxes are good, good design easy to put on and the key does all. Very spacious.

    I can’t speak about other options!

  21. Ul get a bmw top box easy enough on line as a lot of guys change them for larger ones

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