What oil people are using for YZF R1?


I'm interested in knowing what oil people are using and what year bike they are using it in and what sort of r1ding they do thanks

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  1. I usually use amsoil. Mostly commute but go out and play on weekends

  2. Amsoil 10/40 full synthetic
    Every r1 I have ever owned (like 8) I think lol. And ride it like that are meant to be full out!

  3. Motul 300v , just track on it now

  4. Belray on my ’11

  5. Castrol r1 2002

  6. Amsoil, if you need a price, hit me up 😉

  7. Motul, ’14, street.

  8. I ran Amsoil 10/40 in my old R6, also just street stuff, with no problems.

  9. 09 R1 running Amsoil 20w/50 with Vortex oil filter. I used to run Motul 300v 15w/40. Both great oils. Street riding.

  10. So is yamalube not recommend

  11. Royal purple 10/40

  12. my yamaha dealer suggested motul for my r1 but yamalube for my yz ??

  13. Coconut oil…I find that it provides just the right amount of lube

  14. Motul 300v is the nutz

  15. Spectre, and race only

  16. Hey bud, I sent you a PM.

  17. Amsoil! I’m also a dealer and recommend many great products they offer, not just oil. Best is the best and oil analysis and lab testing prove it.

  18. Yamalube – 1999 fast raod.

  19. Golden Spectro (y)

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