What oil do you run?(ZX6R)


Hollo I have quick question for Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R riders. What oil do you run for ZX6R?

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  1. Used 5w40 from my dodge ram

  2. Semi synthetic lucas decent price works good with superclutch.

  3. castrol part synthec

  4. Mobil 1 full synethic.
    Buy it at Wal-Mart, really good price.

  5. Castol Power 1 or Motul 5000/5100.

  6. Why is it, that when someone asks a simple question in this website, that the replies are either try-hard comedy, shit talking sarcasm or wanna-be heroes waging a dick swinging contest. Ffs!!

  7. i use the cheapest i can find. buy it by the gallon so its cheaper. there are sales all the time… doesnt really matter what you run, it all does the same thing if you replace it as often as you should

  8. Motul 300v in zx6r race bike, Liqui Moly Race 10w50 in track day bike zx6r, Liquid Moly Race 10w40 in my RC51.

  9. Motul 300v 10w-40. 00′ ZX6R.


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