What octane gas do you use with your premix?


Hello, I have question for Yamaha YZ490 owners. What octane gas do you use with your premix? Regular or Premium? Thank you for answers.

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  1. Premium 91 octane

  2. Premium always no she’ll gas or gasoline with alcohol in it . Washes the oil away. EC2

  3. Lukes oil pretty good bean oil castor smells bitchen.messy though.

  4. Premium at least.

  5. Premium always. 93 octane or higher if available.

  6. I’ve always ran Cam 2 purple with Yamalube 2r at 32/1, never had a problem.

  7. VP C-12 always

  8. 1 gallon of 110 car race gas to 1 gallon of 91 octane premium (preferably without Methanol) – some specialty places have it like Lube/oil wholesalers. = 103 octane! Perfect even if U dont do the head mods + I can also run Higher timing !!

  9. Personally I run Sunoco 110 leaded with Klotz R50 36:1. The gas is readily available in my area. Unleaded gas in a 2 stroke is not a problem but the ethanol in it is a problem cause it absorbs moisture. Don’t leave it sitting in your carb!

  10. If you can get it they love 101 LL AV gas.

    • I found AV gas to run cooler and race gas to run perkier. Search AV gas and U will find that its octane rating isn’t equal to Gas octane ratings AND its designed for higher elevations. I was amazed at the difference between Race Gas and AV gas ! Search Av Gas vs race gas fyi, if U want. I do know Race gas burns a lot hotter so on the 490/500 U best not putt around all day being air cooled, lol. I can also run higher timing on race gas which is supposed to be a big no-no on these bikes.

    • I live in Denver, I don’t run it, but vp100 works fine at this elevation too. 110 starts pinging pretty quick.

    • I do agree 110 is just too high and too hot for an air-cooled rare bike to run. Also a lot to do with all this is where U live too.and what is available.

    • 100 octane , yamalube R 32:1

    • Bill Sharp if it’s pinging, it ain’t because of the gas! OMG!

    • Well Dan I dont no shit but i do know it don’t do it with 100octane? I think it’s pinging cuz it’s hot cuz?

  11. My 92 WR 500 large owners manual says 95 octane or higher = FYI and its basically an 89 YZ 490 engine.

  12. I run AVgas. 100 octane. I buy it at the airport 2 miles from home.

  13. In other words pump gas won’t do!

  14. Well I feel silly. Lol. I’ve been using 86. Better add some octane booster!

  15. All I run is pump gas. All I have ever ran is pump gas. Ive been riding 2 strokes since I was about 13 years old and now Im 45. If you get motor work and require higher octane then thats a different story. But I have had a KX250 with a MaxPower 310 stroker kit. Most recent bikes. 06CR250. 2000KX500. 2011YZ250 and other bikes I have owned in my life.. I have never had a problem running pump gas. But if spending $10 a gal makes you feel better.

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