What octane gas are you running?


Hello everyone! What octane gas are you running?

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  1. 91 like the manual tells me.

  2. Or 91 some places don’t have 93

  3. Always high test

  4. 87 with a dash of sal-bil or seafoam in each tank

  5. 87 until I get my carb cleaned and turned . Then 91

  6. 87 my.maual said 87 octane. It actually runs better with the lower octane.

  7. 86, mountain/high elevation, still get great power and mpg’s, after seeing much todo about higher octain I think I may try it just for kicks and see what happens. We have no real gas, it’s all 10-15% ethanol.

  8. Always 91 or higher never never any lower

  9. 98. 95 if I can’t get 98. And avoid ethanol like the plague

  10. Lowest as possible cause I’m in Canada and fuel is expensive and I’m a cheap fuck? Lol

    • Yes visited your country three times in the last few years, first time I filled up it blew my mind how expensive gas was. ?I feel for you guys! But still love your country!

  11. 91 always

  12. Funny how many people use higher octanes than they need to.

  13. Yeah thats another part of the “need” comment, around here 91 is the lowest I can get ethanol free

  14. lowest grade shell regular in last 9 bikes over 500000 miles

  15. What kind of benefits are u getting with 93 with a stock engine that you don’t get with 87

  16. My 1100’s call for 87 , anything more is a waste of money, octane is actually a retardant that prevents premature detonation in high compression motors, and Shadows are not high compression, goggle octane see for youself

  17. 87 they add more detergents in higher grades. So if your looking to clean the inside of your engine. Spend more everytime you fill or once on a can of seafoam and run 87. Like mr. Smith said. Higher octane only useful in higher compression engines. It actually can mess with computer controlled engines as the computers are designed to manage their fuel curves based off of 87.

  18. The middle one

  19. 91 or 93

  20. 95 in Switzerland

  21. My manual says above 86 I believe. I tend to run 91 only because it’s the all alcohol free blend here. I was in Iowa last week, they have 87 alcohol free

  22. 87 is usually recommended in our bikes, they are NOT high combustion bikes so there is no need to use anything higher, and there will be no noticeable benefits.

  23. As long as it doesn’t have ethanol I don’t care so most of the time 91-92 octane

  24. Look up your compression ratio. 93 Vlx600 stock specs say 9.2:1. Also higher running temps and a heavy throttle hand will increase the required octane rating. However, unless you are filling up my bike, I don’t give two shits what you pour in there…

  25. I think the manual recommends 87 which is what I use and I’ve put 73,000km on my ACE now

  26. I’ve advanced my timing and started to use high test. I just recently tried 87 and seems fine so far.

  27. I run high, just get a better ride. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but feel she runs smoother when I use regular just feels different. Since gas has been so cheap I feel why bother, might feel different when and if it’s gets higher. Shell 93 or Sunoco 94.

  28. Shadow 750 Ace deluxe. Regular but I have E3 plugs. 12% increase HP. I lost 2-4 gpms from approx. 59.5 using mid grade when I first installed them. Not 60 mpg is avg. with minimal loss of performance over mid grade.

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