What kind of close calls has everyone had?


Okay. What kind of close calls has everyone had? At what speed (fast or slow). With what bike. I’ll start…… 2 minutes ago haha going down a backroad at 100mph a semi saw me coming and was waiting. Then as I got closer decided to pull out in front of me. Luckily had just enough brake power and grip to slow in time for his (wide) trailer non the less.

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  1. Earlier this year i was going down a back road, there was a asshat on a lawn mower driving down the shoulder in the same direction. I signaled and pulled into the ither lane to go around him, probly doing abiut 70. Then at the last second he made a sharl left turn to go into a driveway on the other side of the road with out even looking. i couldnt of missed him by a inch i went off the driveway on the ither side of the road at about 55 mph. Mangaged to keep it upright. Went back with all intentions of beating him to death with my helmet. But he wouldnt come within reach. Lol.

  2. Damn so many… I ride mostly low traffic country roads. Deer, sheep, log trucks, distracted drivers, and crap falling off poorly loaded pickup trucks are just a few close calls that I have encountered. But bicycles on these twisty roads have created some of the worst for me. Coming around a blind corner I see bicycles two a breast with a truck and trailer in my lane overtaking them coming into the corner I’m exiting, Head on choices…. Split seconds to respond. Squeezed by on a narrow shoulder. Scary shit.

  3. Deer are shitty around here. I got so close this year i swear he just barely jumped over my front tire. Lol. Thank god for damn good brakes. Lol. I also live near a quarry and pretty much every person that drives for them is a inbred methtard.

  4. Blind bends…….always assume there is a combined harvester broken down just round the apex… works for me. The highway code says “always drive at such a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear”……Doesn’t pay to be ‘dead right’ about stuff.. Being ‘in the right’ is no compensation for losing an arm and a leg.

  5. Lots. I just assume every other driver will make a wrong decision and does not see me. Almost everyone is distracted driving these days. Also, this is why I don’t do high speeds unless it’s a straight away and no traffic is nearby, which means mostly back farm roads. If they can pull out at last minute in front of you, they will.

  6. Hmm….. I just got hit last week. I guess that is not really a “near miss”. It does confirm one fact that I thought was a myth. Loud and lit up. That is what ALL bikes need.

  7. Loud won’t save your butt unless you have horns blaring to the front. I’ve had race pipes and people in their cars don’t hear crap unless you are next or ahead of em. Heck, I’ve had people sitting at stop signs (wanting to cross my street in front of me), I purposely shift to 1st to rev the piss out of it and the people still cross and give me the “where did you come from” look and I’m the ONLY vehicle moving in relation to them. WTF??? Riders just really need to think like you have top level stealth in all aspects, and expect people to come at you from ANY direction. to include people walking, running, riding bicycles, etc. if it’s got a living being, don’t trust it.

  8. Going down a steep hill with an 86 IT200 (Yamaha enduro) total pos bike so it didn’t have a front brake assembly panicked and reached for it. Wound up crossing a 2 lane road going pretty fast. Lucky no cars were coming.

  9. At 60mph you cover a mile a minute or 100 yards in 100/1760*60= 3.4 seconds. So If you hold back from the vehicle in front by an extra 30 yards, you will get wherever you are going… 3/10×3.4= 1.02 seconds later than you would have done..The alternative is arriving in hell 60 years early.

  10. If u were going 100 mph I would say the semi had a close call

    • Mmmm no. Because the road is plenty long and he saw me in plenty of time. I made I contact and I watched. Lol if you have time to truly think and analyze a decision then someone done fucked up. Had it been a car then I’d say yeah, I was going too fast and he thought I was further out. But when you drive a semi and you know it takes forever to get going and out of the way AND your hauling an extra wide/ long trailer, you stay put haha

  11. Riding my ninja 636 Thursday morning heading to court of all places. (unrelated court appearance) in right lane clear of anything in front of me going about 40 mph two pickup trucks in left lane. First truck in line is texting puts his phone down going through a crosswalk and sees peds about to cross the next one maybe 20-30 feet away. Gets spooked slams the brakes second pickup didn’t have space to stop so comes flying into right lane and hits me just enough to push me about an inch from the curb. There’s 3-4 cars parked on the right side which I narrowly missed coming back into the lane. I keep it rubber side down until he sees he hits me locks up the brakes and I rear-end him. Bikes pretty trashed legs pretty trashed but I was wearing my helmet, padded riding jacket, and riding gloves with jeans! Go in for surgery on the 20th to repair a torn ligament and to put a plate in my ankle. So close call and also a crash in one lol

  12. Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. Riding through town and a dog was running on the pavement (sidewalk) next to me. As I reached a pedestrian crossing(crosswalk) , the dog ran into the road…it had been trained to cross at pedestrian crossings (crosswalks). I hit it straight on and as I stopped, it yelped and ran..A woman came into the road and started bashing me on the head with a big umbrella. She was shouting that the dog was in the right and was on a pedestrian crossing !!! Always wear a helmet. ps I guess she would have been shot in Texas lol !

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