What is your opinion on swivel hitches ?


ok everyone what is your opinion on swivel hitches ? I have pulled a trailer for years w/out one ,no issues

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  1. My tent trailer has a swivel hitch. Don’t know why but it’s so much better than my previous cargo trailer with a rigid hitch. It’s just different

  2. If u don’t need one, or know that u need one…why change and spend money on it? Linda answered ur own question. …

  3. Kinda. …stupid spell check on this phone

  4. three of my previous trailers had regular hitches. My current one has a swivel hitch that was on the trailer when I acquired it. I would not spend any money to upgrade to a swivel hitch. As I would not spend any money on increasing the wheel rim size.

  5. We have a swivel hitch.. it’s great.. hit a hidden ( by a bunch of autumn leaves) sandbar, bike went over.. trailer was just fine.. We had a grumpy old "I’ve been pulling a trailer for years know it all" tell us that it was a waste of $$ ..NO it was not..makes a great difference.

  6. I agree with Kaye I’ve driven with both without a problem but the swivel reduces my chance of a problem in the next ride

  7. Few disadvantages & safer if thing go to s#!T. OOPS I mean, you fall over.

  8. I don’t have an argument if a swivel hitch is better or not. I just know I wouldn’t spend the extra money to upgrade due to my previous experience without the swivel hitch.

  9. I am thinking about the freedom ball

  10. I pull a Bushtec with a swivel/pin hitch…. none of the push/pull feeling you get with a ball hitch. I’ve been on some rough roads with no issues.

  11. I am far from an expert,but it seems that a bike could not hold a trailer level, but a trailer could lay a bike over. That said when you get into that position, it has a small margin to work with anyway. Rubber down.

  12. My cargo trailers have never had one..and I’ve never had any problems. There’s videos on YouTube showing a guy lay his bike right on its side and the hitch stays on…but I just got a camper trailer that does have a swivel so I’ll let you know after I test it out..

  13. We pull a camper trailer..

  14. I have pulled with both and I can say when I’m on two wheels I prefer a swivel coupler over a straight one. I can feel a straight coupler "twitching" like it is trying to prevent me from leaning when i corner hard. If the bike tips over I could see where the swivel coupler could prevent damage to your hitch/bike.

  15. I laid mine down on the crash bars/engine bars to test it and it didn’t bind so I felt a swivel hitch was not needed. They do make a ball that swivels about 25 or 30u00b0 if I remember right,that’s a lot cheaper than a swivel hitch and it will give you little extra give if needed

  16. I feel more comfortable with a swivel…I’ve spent more money on other things for comfort. .the hitch isn’t that expensive..

  17. Never tried one. Always done fine with regular hitch.

  18. Would not tow anything without a swivel hitch. They are much safer.


  20. every trailer afterwards, had a swivel hitch

  21. I should probable get one but I think they are over priced. I am known to drag my floorboards in mountain twisties often even with my loaded cargo trailer in tow. No problems there without a swivel but I do worry about ever laying the bike down or it falling over while hitched up. Without a swivel hitch I could see how that could do a lot of damage and I don’t want to have to replace my $500 hitch and possibly more if that ever happens.

  22. Pete Owens on my trip back from California, my Goldwing fell over with me on the bike, hitched to my trailer without the swivel hitch. No damage to the bike, the hitch or the trailer. Only my ego. It was in a McDonalds parking lot. I was able to pick up the bike myself but I felt the whole world was watching.

  23. Oh good Lawrence. That’s good to know. Not sure my VTX will remain as erect as a gold wing when it falls over like that though. Maybe I should try it in a controlled situation and see. I could park the bike under my car lift and use the lift to lower the bike onto the highway bar and see if it supports it solidly at that angle or if it is going to want to roll on over.

  24. Had a swivel hitch ball and didn’t like it. On bumpy roads the ball would move side to side

  25. Thanks I kind of wondered how that would work

  26. Anyone hear story’s of swivels causing the trailer to roll over ?..like after hitting a curve..I have not saying it’s true but I could see it happening.

  27. I have them on my Bunkhouse and Bushtec. One reason being a fellow rider had his trailer hit by another vehicle and it flipped the trailer but didn’t take the bike out.

  28. Dale C Pressley,I can even imagine taking a curve hard enough to flip a trailer unless it is loaded top heavy to start with.

  29. I think the one I heard was about hitting a curve or big spot hole making the trailer jump or flip sideways and then drug it down the road….
    Either way I think this post will end up 50/50 on opinions….I don’t have any problems with reg. Hitches and will try out my swivel as soon as I rewire this trailer.

  30. Lawrence Lee,there is no shame in that.There are 3 types of people who ride bikes.The ones who have dropped them,the ones who will drop them, and the ones who lie about it.

  31. A guy ask me one time with the swivel hitch what would happen if the trailer turned over.I told him I would drag i5 until.I got the bike stopped instead of flipping with it.

  32. "Swivel hitch" is actually a misnomer as this one guy explains: "Swivel adapters are commonly known as "swivel hitches." I’m not sure how they got that name, but it does lead to some confusion about the product. A swivel adapter actually has nothing to do with the hitch on your bike. Instead, swivel adapters install in the tongue of your trailer and allow the coupler to pivot."

  33. I have pulled my bunkhouse coast to coast. I have had near t-bone accident pulling my trailed, the bike over on the right side so low that the crash bars on my wing hit the ground, before popping back up, all without a swivel hitch. Most important, loading your trailer correctly. Just because it fits you don’t need to take it. If your trailer is 450 lbs loaded it should only be about 45 lbs on the hitch. Any thing of weight in the bottom of the trailer and your pillow on the top of the load. It’s motorcycle camping for god sakes, you don’t need to take a generator and air conditioning.

  34. I just weight all my gear tonight everything we need except for our cloths 45#

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