What is the difference between bullet and Royal Enfield


I have a question to experts, was dubious from long time, what is the difference between bullet and Royal Enfield, the little bit which I know that, RE is a name of brand, so whats about bullet, is it any old model of RE ?
Please clear my doubt….

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  1. Bro its a name given to royal enfield standard so the legend is continue from then now all the models have a common nick name bullet

  2. Bullet was a specific model produced by Royal Enfield first used in 1950/51 and this model continued to be in production in Uk till 1967 and in India till late 1999/2000……. after which other models came out here. But many people call all bikes made by RE Bullets though this is incorrect.

  3. Instead of calling it a bike we call RE motorcycle as bullet

  4. If you visit the RE website..you would see three models under the name “Bullet”…Standard 350, Electra 350 and Standard 500.
    Technically speaking Classic, Thunderbird, continental gt and now Himalayan they are not “Bullets”
    And Royal Enfield is the name of the company that produces bikes named Bullet

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