What is the common factor aka cause of Raynauds?


What is the common factor aka cause of Raynauds?
Auto Immune Disease?
Heart trouble?
What does it connect too?

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  1. There is primary and secondary. Primary you just have it. Second is caused by something else

  2. I have primary. I just have it nothing is causing it

  3. How do you know what comes first.

  4. For instance…elevated ana…ehlers danlos,gastro issues,sleep apnea,..

  5. They do testing to determine if it's primary or secondary

  6. Great question

  7. It is hereditary tho if it's primary

  8. Mine is primary. Both my parents have cold hands and feet. My mother was diagnosed just after me but her Raynaud's is less severe. Mine seems to hereditary.

  9. Autoimmune. It can be primary or secondary. Raynaud's is often accompanied by RA and eczema.

  10. I have secondary I'm being check for lupus and scleroderma… my md diagnosed me with mixed connective tissue disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 10 years , no one in my family has it…

  11. Mine is secondary to RSD/CRPS. My father passed with it secondary to scleroderma and my half sister is primary.

  12. Primary…no other.and no one in family….I'm originall:)))

  13. Here too, primary I think…I have other health conditions but I don't know if there's a connection.

  14. Mine is secondary to autoimmune thyroid disease

  15. I a, primary as well. My Grandma had it and now my mother has it some. I started back in my 30s -40s. Mostly when the weather is moist and a bit cool, dry cold doesn't affect my hands as much.

  16. Mine is secondary. I have congenital heart disease –a ventricular septal defect– repaired in 2001. Raynauds started when I was in my early teens.

  17. There has never been an answer to your questions. Each of us is different. It is part of my autoimmune system. Since toddler, was told AS IF ALLERGIC TO SELF. Knowledge decades later, I have fibromyaliga, Raynauds, and a host of other things that latch on as I age.

  18. I had a very abused life and stress and undelt with issues of fear triggered Fibromyalgia and as my body short circuited Raynauds became a part of my life too, I also have very low BP, temp and low blood sugar, cant take alot of the meds they have because lowering BP is side effect and cant do that. such is life 🙂 just go one day at a time

  19. The closest explanation is some type of cellular metabolism disorder, where the interior of the cells are not producing enough energy. Unfortunately, so many things can disrupt this energy

  20. Mine is lupus

  21. I was diagnosed with primary when I was 14……now I'm nearly 42 and have a number of autoimmune problems that I think it's probably secondary ….and nobody else in my large family has raynauds either.
    I have mild psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis (asymptomatic for a few years now), a mild connective tissue disorder. I suffer from frequent migraine since I was 10yrs old and I have Gilbert's syndrome. I also think I have erythromelalgia but I keep forgetting to ask the doc about it lol

  22. I think mine is secondary to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Cold Agglutinin Disease a very rare blood disorder, many people with this also have Raynauds. I can't tolerate cold, if I get too cold I have antibodies that attack my red blood cells. Fortunately I have a very mild case of it and mild Raynauds.

  23. I have Factor V Leiden. I don't know if that might be a connection. It's a blood clotting disorder.

  24. Mine is secondary to sjogrens syndrome. Although I wonder if I have lupus.

  25. Mine was diagnosed in 1960s as Raynauds caused by vibration from keypunch machine and is common with people who use jackhammers and heavy smokers

  26. Mine is CREST
    Had cold extremities my whole life. Didnt know it was a thing that wld lead to autoimmune illness(s)

  27. I have had Raynaud's for as long as I can remember, I also have fibromyalgia, I am surprised at how many of you have fibromyalgia too, I never thought anyone with Raynaud's would also have fibromyalgia.

  28. I'm secondary. I have Sjögren's syndrome, RA and vasculitis as well. When my daughter was going through heart block, neonatal lupus and autoimmune hepatitis (from my Sjögren's) as a newborn, they said she most likely inherit raynauds. She does show signs. So far, I get sores/ulcers on my hands and feet from the constant flares.

  29. I hear it is tied in with autoimmune. Which I have a autoimmune neuro muscular disease, Myasthenia Gravis. I also suffer from spinal stenosis, arthritis, IBS & endometriosis
    My Mother, her father, and my dad's son all have Raynauds though. So makes me wonder.

  30. I got it from a blood pressure medication I was taking, it was a rare side effect. :/

  31. Mine is secondary to RA

  32. Idk if mine is primary or secondary

  33. All I can say is anything that disrupts the metabolic process ( krebs cycle ) There are so many reasons. The only clue to everyone's issues is to make out a list of all of their health issues. This will give a clue to where the problem is coming from. Very rarely, the problem is coming from the raynaud's areas. For , example, ( raynaud's attacks in my arms/legs/fingers/toes ) my triggers are ( high estrogen, low blood sugar, fungal issues, flu virus, weak liver function )

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