What is the best way to break in an overhauled engine?


What is the best way to break in an overhauled engine? I see a lot of post on the net, some say ride it hard some say ride for 20min and let it cool off and then repeat. Will it make a difference if its a 4t or 2t?

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  1. If it’s a new top end on a 2t two tanks of gas on varied throttle throughout the gears and rev range, softly at first and then progressively harder as you progress.

  2. I have researched this stukkend. There is no set rule. Choose the one you thinks makes the most sense.

  3. I would at least before riding it do a few heat cycles… after that varing opinion

  4. Yup, heat cycles for me.

  5. Heat cycles for the win.

  6. I have some major doubts about this site.

  7. Crow bar is my go to tool for breaking in.

  8. 2kg white sugar in the tank…

  9. no heat cycle.
    go ride.
    start off low RPM ride through the gears with gradual blips and increase RPM’s.
    change oil.
    followed by another ride doing the same thing.

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