What is the Best Soap and Wax to Use?


Hello guys, what’s the best soap and wax to use or does it matter ? Thanks for all answers.

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Answers ( 11 )

  1. Doesn’t matter, I use dish soap.

  2. There is also a spray and wipe cleaner called Motorcycle Spirits. Works well also.

  3. I use meguires 100% carnuba wax…I would use meguires soap products…very mild and doesn’t strip wax…

  4. I have yet to wash my bike…and hopefully it will be a long time…but I wax it a lot!…lol

  5. I use Meguiar’s ultimate liquid wax, and for the chrome I use Mother’s chrome cleaner

  6. Love that banana smell from Zymol. ­čÖé

  7. I use Meguires, ultimate wash and wax…

  8. Dawn is good…if you have a dirty bike…will really cut grease but gently enough…

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