What is the best product to wash the paint or clean


I have a thunder black smoke Chieftain what is the best product to wash the paint or clean it with any suggestions

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  1. For the matte paint, get a detailer just for matte. Auto parts store carries it. Not much else will work.

  2. Thunder black is shinny black.

  3. I have the same bike. I spray S100 bike wash – rinse off. Wipe dry thoroughly. Then apply F11 Topcoat – spray on, wipe in, buff dry (use two micofiber towels – one for wet wipe, second for buff clean). F11 is good on glass, plastic, metal, chrome, rubber, rubber, leather, anywhere. Check out there website. I love it!!!

  4. F11 is also safe for DH bikes as in their video they say it is safe for the HD Denim finishes

  5. I use Honda Clean and it does a great job. ­čÖé Takes a little longer than spraying off with a pressure washer or something… because you wipe it on everywhere then back off…but I like it.amazon.com/HONDA-08732-SCP00-Spray-Cleaner-Polish/dp/B004FSEJZA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490546950&sr=8-2&keywords=honda+clean

  6. Your wife or girlfriend?

  7. I found that S100 is good but don’t let it dry on the bike…a real bitch to get off after that.

  8. Read your owners manual,\nMine said, a little dish soap & water & for stubborn stains, a citrus cleaner then risen with water.

  9. WINDEX…. that plain, that simple. Works on the paint, chrome, plastic and glass!! The ammonia makes it evaporate fast!! My dealer told me what they use to clean the bikes in stock that have flat paint. Will not damage any part of the bike…

  10. I just use a bucket of suds. McGuires car wash

  11. Harley Davidson Matte cleaner

  12. F11 TopCoat pretty amazing stuff. Bunch of us here using it

  13. Love these 2 products. Specifically designed for Matte finishes>>

  14. I have the same bike in matte black. Windex,believe it or not works best for flat black. This info was straight from the dealer.

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