What is the best chrome polish out there ?


What is the best chrome polish out there ?? Needs to be able to remove rust also.

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  1. Never dull is awesome.

  2. Any of them…..but you’re gonna have to work too.

  3. You may want to try Wenol Metal Polish.

  4. Water and aluminum foil

  5. Wax on, wax off….don’t forget to breathe

  6. Elbow grease

  7. SImiChrome…Comes in a little tube

  8. Solvol Autosol. Been using it for 44 years now. Easy on, Easy off, Easy Polish.

  9. Turtle wax chrome polish and rust remover. Get it at oreillys for 6 bucks. Green bottle. Will take boot marks off exhausts with a micro fiber towel, rust off chrome with ease, eats brake dust for breakfast. When done let it dry like paint wax then remove with clean microfiber towel. If it gets rained on, water will bead up. So you have a layer of protection between chrome and elements. Takes a long while before pitting will start again. This is for chrome. If you need aluminum polished use wizards metal restore. Makes mothers look like wd-40 when compared to kroil. Enjoy ride safe.

  10. Purple metal polish by California customs.

  11. Never Dull / 000 Steel Wool

  12. Google ‘Caswell metals’ they are a metal care company, not a bike or auto company. Great stuff

  13. I’ve had luck with Blue Job…. but dang…. the stuff is not cheap

  14. 000 steel wool. I the finest you can buy.

  15. This. I use some polish as a lubricant. Works great.

  16. The cheapest at the swapmeet deep in the misc. box.

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