What is life like post surgery?


I’m new to this group so maybe this has been done before but I’m curious how it came to be that you needed a thyroidectomy. I’m still in shock as up until a month ago I wasn’t even aware I had a problem. I got strep and a goiter that must have been growing steadily for about a year (unnoticed) blew up. I’ve never had any thyroid problems but it runs in my family so I’ve been tested regularly. Now I’m prepping for surgery in a few weeks via the rec of an ENT and endocrinologist and I just can’t believe it. I haven’t even had a biopsy of any of the nodules as there are so many and they are so large, but I have been told the ultrasounds don’t show anything suspicious. What is life like post surgery? I’m worried I won’t ever feel well again, all the talk of thyroid levels and calcium deficiencies has me so scared.

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  1. I am curious, if the nodules are causing no problems ..why are they taking out your thyroid ? Get a second opinion or even a third. Keep your thyroid if you can.

  2. I had my TT for multiple reasons. Goiter, multiple nodules, difficulties swallowing, right lobe stretching my carotid artery, inconclusive biopsy, and I was already on levoxyl for 10 yrs. It's a journey for sure. But don't do it unless there a very good reason.

  3. I'm having difficulty swallowing and breathing and it's causing a myriad of tmj like symptoms. But it's really all since i got sick a few weeks ago. Before then they think it was slowly growing since ihad my daughter last Feb.All three doctors I've seen have told me that it's very large and no meds will bring it down. My voice has changed and if i lay with my neck a certain way i feel like I'm choking. And they told me it's possible that if I get another virus it could potentially get bigger.

  4. I also, never had a biopsy, my nodules did not seem problematic. The goiter as growing at an alarming rate despite medication and my breathing and swallowing were affected. TT with diagnoisis of papillary carcinoma. Not expected but a year later my levels (calcium and levothyroxiene) are good and I am doing well. Take it slow. One step at a time.

  5. Nodules were found one year after childbirth at my gynecologist office. I went to my primary where they did a work up. I had bloodwork, uptake scan, ultrasound and fine needle biopsy. They choose to do the wait and see option. I had ultrasounds once a year and one more fine needle aspiration done. I want to know why it was so big, never got that answer. Fast forward 8 years and 100 lbs lost and my primary wanted it out because of the size. I was sent to see a surgeon and he ordered more bloodwork and for the first time a CT scan. What that scan showed was frightening. My thyroid that we thought wasn't causing any problems had actually shifted my windpipe and was almost touching my spine. I'm a little over 6 weeks out and other than the calcium level drop in the beginning I feel fine. I am more tired lately, but I am fighting insomnia which I had before surgery. That's all I have so far. My daughter who is 14 has an enlarged thyroid and I refuse to let hers get like mine. They had a time getting it out.

  6. Sounds like good reasons.

  7. Keep your thyroid!! I had fine needle biopsy that came back positive for cancer. Been two years and I still feel like crap.

  8. Interesting i got strep 10 yrs ago after that i noticed a small lump on the front of my neck, from then onwards it grew slowly until it was the size of a grapefruit so i had a TT 2 months ago. I always thought the strep caused the goitre in the first place and not lack of iodine.

  9. Life post op TT is crap. I am fatigued, brain fog, my hair is falling out a couple of handfuls a day, blurry vision, grouchy……..How big is your goitre and is it growing outwards or inwards? I held onto mine for 10 years but there is so much info nd knowledge i never had and if it's small you may be able to shrink it or at the very least slow the growth down. Hold onto your thyroid gland as long a you can!!!

  10. I also never had any known issues until I found a rather large goiter that led me to a Endo after numerous biopsies I was diagnosed with papillary cancer. During my TT they found more disease through out lymph nodes and thru pathology diagnosed with tall cell variance which is a rather aggressive form of papillary.

  11. I had my TT oct 1st & a round of RAI and can honestly say I feel amazing!

  12. Just read your last comment Adrianne Rose, if you can't breathe and it's choking and it's big you better off getting it out. I was in a catch 22 situation dammed if i did and dammed if i didn't. I read alot on here to and it is scary but remember we are all different! Mine was taking out for cosmetic reasons. The goitre didn't grow inwards and choke me it was growing outwards so looked hilarious.It was only slightly pressing on my trachea. It was only going to get bigger so had no choice to live with it and people staring and pointing it out to me or getting TT

  13. Cancer. Thus, TT.

  14. Chronic thyroiditis which led to me always chocking , I had nodules and uptake scans that all came back clean. Finally couldn't take the feeling like crap anymore so I had the TT where the did in fact find cancer even after all those benign tests! Get rid of it! If it's causing problems it's trying to tell u something. I feel great

  15. I had my TT this past Monday, Jan 19th–it was a breeze. I have started my thyroid meds and I feel good! I'm going back to work Monday morning. Just listen to your body and REST!

  16. I had mine out 8/2012 – large hyper goiter that had already grown under my collar bone when they found it – attached to it was a 4 cm nodule that had already shifted my esophagus. The other side was normal but already had a 2 cm and 2 – 1 cm nodules. I elected for a total instead of a partial. No biopsy and no cancer and I've lost 83 pounds since I had it out.

  17. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories with me. I really appreciate it!

  18. I have to thank you also, my TT is scheduled for Friday and it's so encouraging to see positive news! Thank you for sharing!

  19. I had mine out…7 weeks ago this coming Friday. I had some of the same concerns as you for post surgery. I had to have mine out because I kept getting funky biopsies and the last one showed follicular neoplasm cells. My ENT, Endo, and holistic doctor all said, have it out. I was pretty terrified, BUT it went really well. My biggest issues were related to anesthesia. I had a really sore throat and post nasal drip which caused me to cough for about a week. The pain meds made me constipated, but other than that I'm okay. I feel just like me. I had a little hypocalcemia on the 3rd day, but all that is normal now. My blood test a week or so ago said I was HYPERthyroid so we are adjusting my medication down. I do feel self conscious about my scar, but all of the ladies in this group have lovely scars, so I'm sure yours (and mine) will be okay too. ­čÖé

  20. Thank u so much for that Atticia this makes me feel so much better!

  21. Feel free to ask other questions Nicole Courant Taxter and Adrianne Rose. I'm glad to help. I didn't find this group until after my surgery. Reading other people's stories would have been helpful pre-surgery. I'm glad to have the group now and don't mind helping others.

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