What is everybody’s boot (style) of choice?


Odd Question….What is everybody’s boot (style) of choice? I am currently riding in leather lace-up with lug sole (cruiser style) My bike: Suzuki V-Strom 650

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  1. Altberg made to measure.

  2. Forma Adventure short.

  3. alpinestar 99.9% street riding ..

  4. Timberland pro titan steel toe… wear them all day at work too?. Also have the Astars above too and some taller touring boots

  5. I’d be more with Matt’s choice but I don’t do steel toes and my normal wear is cowboy (work boots). I used MC boots (not sure what brand) for my 2900 mile trip this summer. They were super comfortable but honestly they were HOT, didn’t breath (hard for that when they’re supposed to be water proof (which they weren’t) and I wished I had worn my cowboy boots with some “slip on covers” like I’ve done in the past for years. I tossed the MC boots as soon as I got back. (They had another issue as well.)

  6. My feet are too big, 13 EEE with high instep, for anything but a casual or dress boot. No motorcycle riding boots in that size. Cruiser clod hoppers are much too bulky.

  7. SWAT originals, side zip. 9″ tall, side zip boots that allow you to permanently double tie those dangerous laces. I wear them every day at work and everytime I ride. Water-resistant and well padded in case I end up sliding on the pavement.

  8. Sidi…something or other. Goretex

  9. TCX Infinity for me. 100% waterproof, and so comfortable on and off the bike. Not cheap though.

  10. I’ve worn Alpinestar with Gortex lining for years. They keep your feet dry in the rain and aren’t too hot in the summer either. I ride 99% on street.

  11. Sidi Discovery Rain.

  12. Alpinestar SMX or Sidi Rain

  13. have learned goretex is better than the knockoffs…wish it weren’t so, #dollars


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