What is a good hitch for a bike?

Got a question for everyone. ..what is a good hitch for a bike? I want to hear some suggestions..I have a 2017 HD Street Glide
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  1. BUSHTEC. It’s hidden. It’s pricey.

  2. I’ve used hitchdoc on my Visions and Venture with success

  3. Hitchdoc makes a quality product

  4. Following…

  5. Suggest a receiver type, much more versatile than fixed ball type. Saves your shins and is hidden and tucked away. 06 Ultra Classic

  6. It ain’t pretty but it works great rode 4700 miles no issues. https://theusatrailerstore.com/liberty-two-motorcycle-trailer-hitch-chrome/

  7. Hitchdoc. Hidden Hitch on my 15 Limited. Works great 🇨🇦

  8. I have a Denray. Bought from them easy install works great can take drawbar off when not in use

  9. Contact hitchdoc.com

  10. First you need to be aware that HD will not honor any warranty with trailer hitch hooked to bike!

  11. Depending on the Dealership…some don’t give a crap…Honda says the same thing… worst case , take off the hitch if it needs to go to the shop…

  12. Mine’s of motor trike conversion I had to get the hitch and receiver specialty from Motor Trike

  13. type in hitch doctor very resonabnle and hidden

  14. I’m happy with hitchdoc

  15. I’ve installed a couple krome werks hitches lately and I really like them. 1 piece, receiver hitch

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