What GPS is Everyone Running?


Gonna ask this and let the fighting begin. What GPS is everyone running??

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  1. I use a Garmin.

  2. I was actually thinking about the 67LM or 68LM. Thoughts good, bad?

  3. None!, no radios either!!.

  4. Factory Navigation

  5. Phone works for me.

  6. Just a cheap $100 Tom Tom

  7. I phone 7 with MapQuest app

  8. My android phone. Always up to date maps

  9. no GPS. we love to get lost

  10. I use Tim Tim I like the adventure and finding things most folks don’t get to see on the big road.

  11. Google and my Sena work great with my phone. But I usually try to get lost. Lol

  12. tom tom rider 400

  13. Garmin Nuvi for me. A friend has factory nav on his wing and it routes us on gravel roads to much so we use my $100 unit

  14. I have 3 Garmin. Each one has different features, so I decide before trip time which one to use.

  15. I’m running a Nuvi… and use it for both my car and wing. The Motorcycle ones are a bit pricey for me. But would like to be able to map out a route. Would like one that would route you back you your orignial route and not reroute based on you last minute deviation because of an attraction that you may have run across. Still looking and comparing.

  16. Garmin zumo

  17. WAZE app on my phone….I have a Garmin with Sirius/XM…but only use it now for the XM radio. I also have the factory Nav…but never use it now.

  18. I have the Garmin Dezl 760LMT. Bought it initially because it was the only one they had with an external speaker jack. Fell in love with the 7 inch screen and discovered that the volume is loud enough even when I don’t wear my hearing aids. It also has voice control, though it’s sketchy at times and a detour feature. I have a fitting for it on each bike, as well as the truck, car, and motorhome.

  19. Waste of money that could go in gas, groceries, trip to the stake house. Phone does everything except maybe route planning. But I very seldom have a plan

  20. DeLorme Analog GPS. Never needs batteries, and I can change my route anytime I feel like. It, like Rand McNally uses the same instructions for use. So I don’t have to figure out how to use the lousy thing

  21. The road takes me where it wants me to go…(and when it doesn’t , I stop and whip out google maps on my iPhone) … I don’t think the tech should be visible on the bike, sometimes it’s just too good to get away from all the bings and dings for a great ride …but it’s ok in the pocket

  22. There is the Zumo 660 mounted on a Texelent Accessory bar. Also tightens ties the handlebars together for more stability.

  23. Cell phone on Ram mount with charging cord running through the accessory bar from the power outlet.

  24. My brain and a large print paper map

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