What FZ-07 grips are you running?


Ended up buying this bike. Stupid clean!!! Just need advice on grips. The ones that came with it are trash! What grips are you running? Also, tunes… any clue on what a flash would cost? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Get the whoolich flash tune that comes with the cable. You can change settings whenever you want without paying anything else. Ditch that rear tire too.

  2. Vcyclenut charges $200 for a flash, only one I’ll send my ECU to.

  3. Vcyclenut has the best tune he does exhaust and Dyno tune as well.

  4. VCyclenut all the way.

  5. I run Yamahas universal heated grips and they’re great haha

  6. Congrats on the Machine!

  7. Nice! U will love it….

  8. Congrats!

  9. fz09 has to be the best budget bike by a long shot! ENJOY

  10. 2wheeldynoworks tune

  11. Stock plain grips are the only ones that don’t melt and get sticky or stretched within a year here in South Texas, I had Oxford heated grips and they held up too, if you live in colder climates you could use those and they were cushioned well too.

  12. Dustin I’ll have an extra set of black grips brand new if you want them they arrive today, I ordered them before my dealer gave me a discount on parts for buying my bike so I ordered the Yamaha grips right from them. Will just charge you what I paid…

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