What filters do you recommend for CBR600RR?


I had a guy tell me that the oil on a k and n high flow air filter can coat a sensor behind it causing the bike to run like a bag of nails, anyone heard this before or had any problems with it, ? What filters do you recommend?

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  1. There’s no sensor downstream of the filter. Air goes straight in to the throttle bodies after the filter. Closest thing is the iat sensor in the upper air box before the filter and map sensor which has a vacuum line going to the throttle bodies.

  2. It can happen in certain situations with map sensors. But that is on cars. And only if you over oil

  3. Thanks, though it was a weird one, surly k and n would no and fix any problems with there filters if there was a issue, he told me to look at dry filters and told me to look at bmc but the one I found was oiled to

  4. Don’t over oil, and I’ll usually wait over night before putting them back in.

  5. Bmc is a shit Ton better then k&n

  6. It only really happens on cars where the map sensor is just behind the air filter, over oiling can cause oil to build up on the sensor and CAN sometimes cause the car to run bad. That won’t happen on the bikes though

  7. KN sucks dont use them

  8. I was told K&N oil filters have a tendency to collapse so I did research turns out that this is true due to a cheaper manufacturer. But there is good news the manufacturer that use to make them back when they were top of the line now has there own brand it is a hiflofiltro hf-204. I put on on my bike and have not had any issues as of yet.

  9. It can . Thats why you dont soak it. I even have my trucks sensor go bad 2xs before i figured out that the shop who services was soaking the filter. The oil is just to hold dirt.. I get customers on bike soaking it so bad that the oil drips out of the airbox.. Just lightly fog and there is NO issue

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