What equipment do you use for the rivers?


Question about river crossings. (Sorry for off-topic for this week)

What equipment do you use guys, to be ready for the rivers? It should not only be waterproof like hell but also hermetic between the trousers and the boots? What do you do?

I’m cruising in Iceland and the question became very much relevant. (Sitting and trying to dry the gear after yesterday)

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  1. keep feet above water

  2. Id say there is no rule for river crossings. Usually walk them first or look for a shallow path. Been fouled many times when half way across there is either huge rocks or it goes deeper.
    Your gonna get wet.
    Carry spare dry socks or wear seal skins (waterproof socks)

  3. Elasticated velcro strap around waterproof trousers over boot helped when I was there.

  4. As ian mounce do say you walk the crossing first, then go get the bike, but i use dry bags by lomo, as for boots, Tesco polly bags or bin liners.\nBack in the day I lived in a stream for 7 days only thing to keep us dry was in a bin bag

  5. Nautical survival suits.

  6. I guess you have to get used to be wet when you’re crossing water. I crossed over 40 when I was in Iceland last year. My boots where wet everyday on the tour. There are some socks that keep your feet a bit “dryer”, but when you hit deeper water crossing you get wet. Maybe a wet suite will help…

  7. I prefer to use a bridge

  8. By the fisherman wading trousers, water and windproof = warm up to hip height and inexpensive.

  9. If you ride a BMW with a drive shaft, make sure that the intake of the bleading valve is above waterlevel, before you cross

  10. Naked is the safe way

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