What engine oil does HD recommend in your country?


Hi Guys, looking for answers to the following questions. My bike is still under warranty, so I need to go back to HD for the services. I heard the following from a HD owner (who owns a vrod and softail) and would like to verify how true the information is.

He said the engine oil used by the HD company is mineral oil to service the bikes. This is not good and the recommended engine oil for HD bikes is fully synthetic. He uses Amsoil fully synthetic.

HD company had this to tell me.

SAE60 is the engine oil recommended by them for sportsters, it is semi synthetic and the service interval is 8000kms. They also said, fully synthetic is not recommended for sportsters because it is very thin and will cause louder knocking sounds to be heard from the engine.

What engine oil does HD recommend/use in your country and what is the service interval? Is it mineral or semi synthetic?

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  1. I use mineral in my bike

  2. I use Syn3, what you get at the Harley dealer, every 8,000 kms.

  3. As far as I know, HDKL is using Mineral oil since it is SAE60..
    But it goes like this..
    Mineral oil..5k
    Semi oil …..7-8k
    Fully oil…8k-10k..depanding on usage and months.. humidity high.. suggestions which ever come 1st..6months or above mileage..
    It is reminder that u check the level of the oil and the density of the oil time after time…and I hope this helps..

  4. They asked me if I wanted synthetic or not when I took mine in. Synthetic runs cooler but is more expensive.

  5. I have never used syn3 but. I switched to amsoil this year… so far LOVE the shit…
    I would burn up Mobil 1, in 2 months on my commuter iron, beacause of heavy traffic backs up and hard riding.
    So far the Amsoil, seems just as good as the day i put it in, i will be changing at 7,000mi and testing it.
    Amsoil has an additive, so no matter the temptures, it never really changes it viscosity.

  6. Thats bullshit. Run fully synthetic. The 15/50w or whatever the rating is, is the viscosity of the oil (thickness) hot/cold. They are the same they are just idiots..


    I run fully synthetic in all my vehicles as it protects better, cools better and last longer and not as prone to break down over fuel dilution.

  7. Synthetic is thinner

  8. Viscosity changes with temperature…

  9. Like I said if you buy the same grade of oil ( mineral 15/50, synthetic 15/50) its the same thickness cold and hot thats why they grade oil so you can use the right oil.

  10. My suggestion guys, don't argue on this, let's put it simple…the more money u have, therefore u can always choose the best oil..it is yours..so do the best for it so it last longer…if possible, go with 10/50 or 15/50 semi oil.

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