What docs do I need to cross the border from U.S. to Canada?


What docs do I need to cross the border from U.S. to Canada?


Ron Cate: Passport or an enhanced drivers license.
Harder to get back into the US than it is to get into Canada. At least as far as ID is concerned. But. Don’t bother if you want to take a hand gun, or if you have a US fellony, that is also a fellony in Canada.
They won’t let you in.
Passport is the best.
But they always ask for a drivers license.
I cross the boarder at least once every summer.
Some great riding in Western Canada.

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  1. Passport these days….. used to be just drivers license

  2. You’re going the wrong way.

  3. Guns, lots of guns!! (Ok, just kidding!) No guns of any kind!

  4. Doctor of Chiropractic, doctor of mental health, doctor of family practice. There that should be enough docs.

    After that photo ID and passport.

    Oh, and a permission note from mom, dad,oldest brother and your third grade teacher.

  5. All of them! 😉

  6. current valid – US Passport that does not expire in 2018

  7. And you can’t have a DUI or felony. Not saying you have those I’m just letting you know

  8. All of them…

  9. Hand the officer your license with a hundy behind it. Otherwise an enhanced DL or the gold standard passport.

  10. Passport and drivers license

  11. I just showed passport and away i went. It was super easy for me this past June.

  12. Get yourself a passport card it’s easier to carry around and you can use it to cross Canada and Mexico I go to Canada all the freakin time and use the card it’s the size of drivers license

  13. Valid photo I’d and passport, or an enhanced driver license, trick isn’t getting into Canada it’s getting back into the u.s. lol. Ran into that summer of twelve, rolled right into Canada enjoy your stay, got held for 17 hrs comeing back in on only my license.

  14. Passport only

  15. Valid and updated passport. Since 9/11, everything changed.

  16. what ever he doesnt have the sence god gave him

  17. LOL why the heck would you want to

  18. An enhanced license

  19. Passports now for much everything even flying… Far warning I’m that area now of NY driving is not so safe from spring till summer

  20. I would like to go to Canada – to ride thru there to AK. Just a passport is needed?

  21. Any resistance of a state that touches the Canadian border you need just to have an enhanced license. Any other state you need a passport. But if you ever been arrested you need to check with their custom cause when you go for the check they may not let you in

  22. A toque. Good mittens. And beer. We like beer.

  23. Clean record and passport.

  24. Passport and photo id we rode last year and we of course took our registrations for our bikes and camper trailer… we also checked in advance and had to get a special insurance paper for our bike and camper insurance, although they only asked for our photo I’d and passports! We crossed in Thunder Bay rode the whole North Shore of Superior and crossed back over in Michigan.

  25. Pass card works as well if you’re driving, walking or taking a boat. Quicker to get and a little cheaper.

  26. You can cross over the border Canada without a problem it’s getting back into the u.s. that you will need a passport

  27. Going into Canada isn’t bad, It’s getting back intio the US that’s tough,,You need a Passport

  28. Passport clean record and no guns

  29. Leave guns at home and a passport

  30. Clean record to include no DUI now. And a passport.

  31. We visited Canada a couple years ago, and we needed a passport, I have no desire to go back either, Canada is too expensive, anything you buy, not only do you pay a tax on it, but they even tax the tax, I guess that is how they pay for that so called “Free Health Care” that’s suppose to be so wonderful.

  32. Passport and the abilit to speak Arabic

  33. Passport

  34. just a passport my family live in newfoundland i go home every two yrs

  35. Passports

  36. Passports and i would bring registration for the bike and proof of insurance.

  37. You will have to leave all your guns and knives at home.

  38. Passport. And you need proof of insurance for Canada which you can get from your agent.

  39. We go every summer, you only need a passport card as long as you are not flying. You cannot take any weapons of any kind into Canada, including bear spray. We have ridden all over Canada, including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island. Beautiful country to ride through but BC is still my favorite followed by Alberta. Enjoy the trip.

  40. Getting in to Canada is easy but dealing with the batch of assholes coming back into the US is a real pain

  41. do not bring back any vegetables or fruit with you. they will be taken. when you buy clothes, remove the tags, and wash them once. because, you will have to pay taxes on everything you buy there.

  42. I have a friend that was on a ride with a group. They stopped at the border to cross. He had all of the right documents. But he was turned around because he had a 4 year old DUI on his driving record.

  43. A valid passport

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