What do you use to wash your bike?


What do you use to wash your bike?

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  1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax.

  2. Honda spray polish !

  3. Water and soap.

  4. Gasoline

  5. Water.. Soap..

  6. Purple blaster works best when left 1 hour before washing.

  7. Dish soap n silk wax ??

  8. Vulcanet !!!! It’s perfect for bikes and cars.

  9. This right here is the best stuff ever, works on EVERYTHING… plastic, windshield, rims, headlights, helmets, helmet visors… name it… my buddy even cleans his icon jacket with it

    • I have plexus I like it but I think S100 special surface works better on screens and shields I still use the plexus for the rest of helmet tough.
      Here it is works better than plexus I also recommend motorex helmet liner cleaner , it’s a foam and has a fresh smell.

  10. Cheetah blood keeps it doin 190 mph all day long.

  11. S100 is the best for cleaning soap wise. If you want a spray and wipe then “bike spirit”

  12. Tears of gsxr riders.

  13. Honda Polish. Dust your bike off first, then spray Honda polish, let it sit for 15-20 seconds, then wipe it down. After you do that, wipe it down again with another dry/clean rag for the best results! I wouldn’t recommend spraying water all over your bike. Not all electrical connectors are water proof. Such ass hand controls, etc etc.

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