What do you use for lighting in camp?


So, what do you use for lighting in camp? Flashlights? Small lanterns? What?

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  1. LED work lights and flashlights.

  2. USB tiny lantern and a headlamp

  3. Glow stick and a headlamp

  4. My super Night Vision. I am very fond of light & heat reflectors.

  5. Solor light 2 brightness just havevit out during the day £5

  6. luminoodles and luci’s.

  7. Coleman headlamp. I like it because it is adjustable up and down while wearing.

  8. Walmart sells headlamps and ballcap clip lamps for only 1 dollar each. Ive got a few I snag before a trip. They last a decent time too and have replaceable batteries that are cheap at Harbor freight.

  9. We use head lamps and this awesome inflatable solar charged light. So far so good inflated and deflated tied on back bag of bike at least 30 times so far

    • Where you get that?

    • Lee Valley sells them and Amazon I think there are knock offs out there now.my friend has them floating in pool. 100% water proof. Has a strap so you can tie top or bottom. Also flashes and Hi and Low.

    • Thats whst I got see photos sbove Papa amazon £5 in uk aomost $6.50? Mine do hiblow and flasing firstvtime i used it thought hmm not very bright I had it so it hung from the solar upper most then realised upside down dow ?

  10. BioLite stringers, charge them up during the day while riding and they’re perfect in the evening.

  11. Lanterns outside of tent, headlamps inside tent and to go to the latrine

  12. When all else fails, I put a lighted (sic) match to the tent…

  13. A jar of fireflies

  14. A bottle of water setting on a LED pod light makes a pretty good lantern inside the tent. 😉 And you have water to drink in the middle of the night when you wake up thirsty.

  15. I use these. Many to choose from on Amazon. Search LED Lanterns.

  16. A small LED flashlight and a nice campfire..

  17. These work fantastic, just set them in the sun to charge during the day at your camp! We also keep them on the nightstand while at home for emergencies and power outages and the table lamp keeps them charged!

  18. Sexy headlamps!!! But if I’m in one place long enough to charge, I have solar string lights and lamps.

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