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A quick question for you guys in the know. My 1190 S needs to go for it’s 15,000km service, as you’re aware part of the service is to replace air filter – I want to use this opportunity to replace the stock one with a performance filter – what do you think of the BMC or what are your recommendations? Your experience and inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Do you do any dirt? I’d highly recommend a UNI setup to avoid dust ingestion.

  2. Rottweiler. Best there is for protecting the engine. Also makes significant power gains.

  3. I have DNA since new has now done 30000 eith a clean airbox and happy valves.
    Great filter.
    I do at least 60% Dirt and dust.
    Will strongly recommend

  4. BMC or DNA… PM me your number if you are interested

  5. I’m using uni pre filter and main filter, did a very dusty cederberg run after which only the pre filter needed cleaning main filter was spotless on both sides.

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