What do you the masses like in controllers?


Gots me a camper question…I have purchased my first camper from a couple on this page…and love it. Said Aspen has electronic brakes. Now I have never owned anything with a hitch much less pulled something. I know I need a brake controller, which there are tons of out there. 2 part question..what do u the masses like in controllers…and where did u mount it? I was thinking the tool box…but obviously I need something small enough to fit in there. Thoughts?

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  1. It’s hard to see but I temporarily zap strapped mine to the handlebar on my road king 9 years ago. It’s still there lol\nI suggest an easily accessible switch so you can turn the brakes off when you are in town. Mine get a little grabby at slow speeds once in a while.

  2. what are you riding?

  3. whoops…should have mentioned that…Honda vtx1800

  4. I’m thinking about putting brakes on my aspen and was thinking about mounting the controller in the trailer with a switch on the handle bars to shut it off in case of emergency. Cause once you got the controller set, ya shouldn’t have to touch it

  5. In the camper would be the easiest to do…for as you said….once set…

  6. As far as mounting on the bike…I want the cleanest look I can get (therefore hidden)…but the only spot I can think of with room is that tool box.

  7. I pull a Bunkhouse with brakes and the brake unit is separate. That being said I am going good to change the power wire to the brake pump, because when going slow and especially slow around corners it can get a little grabby making the bike unstable.

  8. Got to remember if you change your load in trailer that will change the dynamics for the brakes. Will need to have the controller accessible.

  9. What kind of controller do you all recommend getting?

  10. Firstly, do you need a controller? There are two types of trailer brakes. One is the conventional electric brakes with a controller while the other hooks directly to your brake lights. These act as drag brakes when activated.

  11. I’ve never heard of the non controller electric brakes. Where do I find them?

  12. They may be surge brake and you won’t need a controller

  13. I have pull 2 different trailers with 2 diff bikes one was an home made cargo and the other was an bunkhouse camper. The camper had electric brakes but I choose not to use them and never had any issue in stopping either trailer with an 06 VTX 1300C or 10 stratoliner deluxe just my 2 cents also I pulled an buddy once it’s all deck out air ride swivel tongue and trailer brakes once again didn’t use cause only hav 4 flat on my bike and their not much load to them

  14. Just spoke with bunkhouse today and they stated they are not at this time putting brakes on their new trailers possible in the future they will restart. When I asked why they said they were having some issues with them grabbing or locking to be honest I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that part. She did state they are looking for a new supplier.

  15. I myself was thinking of a bunkhouse due to my disability and my back is setting up but have not ruled out the other competitors Aspen & timeout. I deafly would appreciate any encouragements pros or cons on any other trailers. My worst part is bending over snap or pick things up off the ground and I currently ride Triglide trike. Thank you you guys have been bundle of help.

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