What do you guys wear for jackets?


What do you guys wear for jackets? Trying to decide whether or not to buy an Alpinestars jacket but can’t talk myself into spending a few hundred on one

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  1. I wear an A-stars jacket, wrecked in one and with how well it held up I bought another

  2. It’s cheaper than an er room visit

  3. Speed and strength, ce armor all around, wrecked in one, held up great even though I crushed a titanium slider on my twist of fate jacket while landing.

  4. Icon overload mesh.

  5. Spend a couple hundred on a jacket, it’ll be worth it.

  6. Revit jacket and next Month I’ll go for a full leather suit

  7. If u think about safety better u buy

  8. I have an A star jacket

  9. I have the astars jaws Love it

  10. Have dainese and alpinestars jackets and love both. They are all different fit so go try a few and then shop around once you know what fits well. Also $500 for a jacket is cheaper then thousands in skin grafts

  11. Went with a scorpion, but i forgot the name. Has ce armor and an upgraded spine protector. It’s all mesh and has a wet weather liner and cold weather liner. Works great from late spring to early fall then i just use my leather as out get colder. Spend the money on a good jacket.

  12. A Star. Ive wrecked with it in the past and it saved my skin.

  13. Riding jacket n pants, if things go south and they save me a bit worth every penny

  14. I have an astars textile mesh jacket for hot weather commuting and dainese leather for the rest of the time. I love both. I went down on the dainese at 40 mph and not a scratch on me. A few hundred bucks is nothing for the protection you get

  15. Dainese, Laguna Seca textile.

  16. Look for a close out model. That’s what i did. Paid 130 brand new for one that ran 299 (textile). Also paid 240 for one that ran 499(leather) both Alpine.

  17. I own Revit,Alpine Stars and Icon…Revit fits the best because I eat and the quality is right there and the price too

  18. Have a joe rocket and I paid 150 for it. Has winter liner, water proof liner and it’s mesh so breathes in the summer. Plenty of armor on arms and back

  19. Icon overload (overlord?) for warmer weather and I have a $600 Harley leather jacket from before I saw the light. The leather is still my go to for highway and cooler temps.

  20. Alpine Megatron. Windproof and warm. But all thier jackets run small. Icon is my daily tho.

  21. I have several Joe Rockets. The Alter Ego provides almost year round protection.

  22. I’m a huge fan of Speed And Strength. Quality, comfort, style, and affordability all rolled into one…

  23. Yamaha mesh full ballistic

  24. Joe rocket leather

  25. Had an icon, now wear a Power Trip. Not too expensive compared to others, came w armor, a removable liner, great fit, plenty of vents, warm when you need it and cool when you want it.

  26. Dainese full 2-piece suit. Always.

  27. Alpinestars Fastback. It’s a textile jacket comes with waterproof liner and thermal liner. Paid $150 and I love it.

  28. I wear a Joe Rocket 3-piece Textile since it was cheap, it’s warm for the winter, vented for summer, and it’s super high denier nylon for water resistance if I get caught in a sprinkle. It looks a little frumpy though if you want something that’s stylish. I just don’t care

  29. Icon contra, and icon hypersport

  30. In hot weather I wear a Vanson perf, and in cool weather a regular Vanson. In oppressively hot weather I sometimes wear a textile perf, but it has to be massively hot…

  31. I’ve had a lot of different brands but icon is my favorited

  32. Alpinestars GP Pro. I also have their Motegi one piece and 5 or 6 pairs of gloves. Good stuff.

  33. Never cheap out on gear ! It’s like buying a $129 helmet. Your brain is worth protecting……………I hope. Quality gear will last for years if you look after it so over time, it’s a small investment.

  34. I have an alpine star
    I love the fit and comfort of it

    I also have a summer jacket
    And looking for a retro brown leather biker jacket

    But honestly making sure it covers you well comfortable
    And can hold pads because it sucks falling without pads
    You’ll be happy with other products and not just alpinestar

  35. Go on offer up bro. Get a decent Alpine stars one.

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