What do you guys think about this as replacement?


What do you guys think about this as replacement for that original that comes on it. Snorkel in future.

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  1. I used the gorilla rubber. I cut a piece of vinyl like what a truck tonneau cover is made of. I cut it to size and then that gorilla rubber is super sticky and never comes off. I ran it around the sides and completely sealed it off. I think anything not movable and pliable would end up cracking over time.

  2. Little silver heat duct tape has worked me

  3. Seal the area from underneath and no need to snorkel…I used ABS plastic , duct tape , and flex seal tape

  4. I found on mine that in stock configuration the sock sucks up against that 2 inch diameter hole in the back and there it stays. Yeah, sure you have a big sock dragged over that intake stalk having a couple dozen square inches of filter medium but it’s really only drawing air through a 2 inch circle of the filtering medium. I drilled more holes in the front side of the plenum end piece so it’s less of a pressure difference.
    A given volume of air sucking through a small screen area has greater velocity and will arguably not filter as well.

    This sock-on-the-hole phenomenon further reinforces my conviction that on the Z force lineup the intended grill to plenum connectors had to for some reason, been unusable, and the horrified executives must have screamed at their engineers for an immediate work-around.
    The badly fitting sock and plenum with no actual connector to the grill, has to have been an emergency last minute kluge for a problem that would otherwise have meant facing a disastrous delay in the model’s release schedule.

    I think CF Moto never went back and recalled our SXS’s with the patched together intakes nor started to make them the way the engineers originally intended, because the executives saw that that this would be to reveal the screwup, and the best way to retain face in the marketplace would be to just keep making them with the bad patch for the rest of the model run.
    Pretend nothing is wrong and that they are meant to be that way. 😀
    Better, they chose, to lose some customers’ engines than to reveal that they had had a production line problem and yet chose to push the Z model machines out the door anyway with a patched together and poorly working intake system that they would never properly fix.

    Well that’s my theory.

  5. They’re really just a strainer to keep the big stuff out. UniFilter and cleaned frequently are the best you can do with the stock setup.

  6. Factory one was fine

  7. Well that’s exactly what I did but you need to block off around the back side of it so you don’t get all the dust up from the back tires and engine area. And the size that you bought is just fine the snorkel hole is only a couple inches across. I would just leave that one on there and get yourself the right size for your filter this is mine after 265 miles down a dusty road.

  8. Too small. Will start restrictive and get worse from there. Better to have a large, loose bag with lots of surface area. Even better to get it out from back there…like most of the rest of us have found.

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