What do others do for winter storage?


What do others do for winter storage? I was thinking about changing the oil to be fresh in the cases.

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  1. “Winter storage”?

    • Right..you know your a pussy when you don’t ride through a white out blizzard..???

    • Right right.. and you do know that you are absolutely the dumbest biker on planet Earth if you ride through a whiteout blizzard, but hey if you’re going to do it please video tape it will you, I like to watch morons do stupid shit. Lol

  2. Change in the spring!!! Condensation in the cases during the winter.

  3. Wash, cover it and plug in your Tender.


  5. If ya got em, ride em

  6. I’ll be will riding as much as possible! When I’m not I cover it and plug in the tender.

  7. For Winter? Just ride south. Stop when it hits 60.

  8. Open up the engine primary case and Change the tampon

  9. Fuck that tendef shit my bike is ridden ebery day except when left over salt on road and i start it weekly and let it run when i cant ride tenders kill batterys and harleys nesd to run i cange oil spring and fall always.

  10. I ride mine to keep it fresh.?

  11. Well, until I was 35 I stored it in the garage, on a jack, under a cover with a battery tender and Stabil in the tank. Then, I got divorced, moved to the beach, and now I ride year round. I strongly, strongly recommend the second option.

  12. I always store mine with new oil in them and a tank full of non ethanol premium with fuel stabilizer in it. Out the battery tender on it and call it good. If we happen to get a couple of nice days in winter and there’s not a bunch of salt on the road I’ll go for a ride her and there.

  13. Heh I need to find a place to store mine. The dealer doesnt offer storage lol.

  14. Winter storage nope if there’s a 40-50 degree day it’s ride time ?

  15. Wait tell spring

  16. I’m a trucker and mine runs like shit when its cold out anyway.

  17. GA , I ride all year , some day nice some days cold.

  18. Heh…what winter? We don’t have much winter down here in South AL.

  19. Mine is in the house in the winter.

  20. Heated garage, full tank of gas, Sta-Bil and a battery tender on my last bike. Don’t have one on my current bike.

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