What castrol oil is best used with the ZZR1400


Hello guys, what castrol oil is best used with the Kawasaki ZZR1400

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Answers ( 13 )

  1. Bardhal XTC C60 10W40 it’s my favorite choice

  2. Power 1 semi synthetic

  3. Castrol fully synt,

  4. Power1 semi synth

  5. Semi if u wish an cheaper product

  6. Motul 5100 is what I and my dealer use.

  7. he he oil quest.always bee a funny thing.Soon somone come upp swering to use diesel tractoroiel

  8. Fully synthetic bike oil as it copes with the high temps better

  9. Arrghhh! The oil debate!! Any good quality motorcycle semi or full synth will do the trick

  10. I use power 1 semi synthetic

  11. Use any bike oil as long as it is fully synthetic. Used Silkelene last time.

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